Monthly Archives: November 2012

Make Your Email List Campaign More Effective

Email marketing can be a great business investment. Some reports indicate that you can make $40 or more for every dollar that you invest. No one would argue that this is not a great return on your investment. Few businesses … Read More.

Help Out the Weary Holiday Shoppers

You can do your part to help out the weary holiday shoppers by making it easier than ever for them to get everything that they need online, right from your site.  Start out by crafting an email marketing offer that … Read More.

Email Marketing for the Holidays

Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of year again, when email marketing becomes bigger than ever.  Business owners should be concentrating plenty of effort on their online shoppers, making sure that everything is going according to plan.  Designing a call … Read More.

More Mobile Marketing Tips

Getting it right when it comes to mobile marketing is important.  Losing customers because you are not keeping up with technology would be a shame.  You already know that you have to make sure everything displays right to the members … Read More.

Email Marketing for Mobile Devices

By now you are more than familiar with the staggering statistics.  Although you may not know the numbers off of the top of your head, you know that an overwhelming number of Americans are using mobile devices to access their … Read More.

Which is Better, Direct Mail or Email Marketing?

There are certainly many pros and cons to direct mail marketing as well as email marketing.  Both are intended to gain the interest of the recipient, and both are generally used as permission based marketing techniques.  Here are a few … Read More.

Permission Based Marketing Issues

When it comes to email marketing, you have to remember that this is a permission based form of marketing.  Unlike television commercials, with everyone watching subjected to the marketing, email marketing requires that you gain the permission of the recipient … Read More.

Do You Know Your Email?

There are many different kinds of email that you might try to use with an email marketing campaign.  Some home based business opportunity seekers understand the difference, and this is one thing that can contribute to their success.  Knowing when … Read More.

Is Email Marketing Really Free and Easy?

Like many other home based business opportunity seekers, you may have decided to give email marketing a whirl.  After all, it is supposedly free and easy, so why not?  It is definitely a hot topic these days, but be careful … Read More.