Unleashing the Power of Retargeting In Your Business

Technology has given us many wonderful things.

The internet.


Facebook Ads.

Okay, maybe there are a few other advancements that rate a bit higher than those last two.

Though from a business perspective, it’s hard to argue with the incredible power the Facebook ad platform has brought to reaching your ideal customer.

And it goes way beyond just putting ads in front of people. Using the power of “retargeting”, you can create ads that show up again and again and again.

Targeting The Perfect Lead

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With a seemingly endless array of data points to choose from, Facebook’s ad platform allows you to tailor your advertising to a specific set of individuals most likely to show interest in what you’re selling.

Just how specific can your targeting get?

Married men between ages 28 and 42 that are frequent travelers with Master degrees.

Single females over the age of 30 that enjoy Yoga and are self-employed.

Newly engaged couples that make over $100,000 who enjoy college football and are recent homebuyers.

Yeah, that specific. And those are just three random examples.

You can really dial it in with countless data points.

This can give you an amazingly high ROI for your ad dollars, AND it also produces quality leads and client targets that possess a built-in interest in your business.

Gone are the days of chasing down empty leads and the barely interested buyer.

When you’re selling fancy blue widgets, and you can direct all of your advertising towards consumers who need and want to buy fancy blue widgets.

In other words, you can put the perfect ad in front of the perfect audience to generate highly qualified leads. Does it get any more powerful than that?

Don’t Let a Good Lead Get Away

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Unfortunately, even with the hyper-specific advertising that Facebook offers, you won’t close every single prospect on the first try. As much as we want to believe in a 100% closing ratio, it remains the unicorn of marketing and sales.

But even if you can’t capture a sale from a prime lead the first time around, that doesn’t mean they won’t eventually come to their senses and become a paying customer. However, they’ll need some extra help from you.

After all, advertising is not a one and done proposition.

To truly maximize your sales potential and continue to drive your company revenue upward, you need to be everywhere a potential client will be.

The best way to accomplish that is through remarketing.

Even if you don’t know exactly what this is…you know what it is.

Have you ever looked at a product on Amazon and suddenly begun seeing ads for that product EVERYWHERE?

Congratulations, you’ve been the target of remarketing.

Also referred to as retargeting, this is a fantastic way to recapture that quality lead who went to your site but wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger.

For example, let’s say you sell high-ticket consulting services. Someone clicks on a Facebook ad and that brings them to your site. They eventually leave without taking further action.

These undecided prospects are your remarketing targets.

With retargeting, you can create ads that will show up in front of those prospects who leave without taking action. You can make sure that they can’t escape seeing your ads!

They fit your initial profile and thought enough to take a look, so the lead is clearly a qualified one. It’s just up to you to help push them along.

Think about it. This is a tactic that Amazon has employed en masse for some time, and they seem to be pretty good at making money.

There’s no reason you can’t deploy a similar strategy to increase your profits. The more they see your ads, the more they’ll begin to know and trust you, which will eventually lead to more sales.

Be Where Your Lead Will Be, And Be Meaningful About It

A successful remarketing campaign can be as simple as two essential elements – be where your prospect is and appeal to their emotions, both materially and financially.

First, your ads need to stay front and center to your undecided lead. With Facebook, this means carving out space in their newsfeed for your pitch and keeping it there.

The more they are reminded of a product or service they had a prior interest in, the sooner they will come to realize, “This is something I need, and I need now.”

Second, make sure your remarketing ads provide that little extra push mentioned earlier.

You want to craft the ad so that it speaks directly to those who may not have been fully convinced the first time.

Beyond that, be sure to hit them in the feels and appeal to their emotions and why they need your product or service.

You’ll also benefit by understanding what action a prospective lead took on your site.

Did they merely click a link or two, then bounce?

Did they navigate through several links within a particular product page?

Did they put something in their cart and then abandon it?

You can create retargeting ads that speak to EACH scenario.

Just as necessary as your primary sales and marketing strategy, you must also develop your approach and budget for remarketing efforts. It’s an often overlooked expense that will quickly pay for itself and then some.

A Lucrative Second Impression

In a highly competitive business environment, great leads can many times prove a challenge to acquire. So when it’s become clear you’ve captured someone that has shown interest in you and your company, don’t let go of them.

When you’ve put in the time and effort to hone in on your perfect prospect, remarketing allows you the opportunity to make a second impression and close the deal.

Make sure you have a clearly defined remarketing strategy that keeps you top of mind with those potential clients that require a little more attention. Appeal to what initially grabbed their interest and the needs they have for what you offer.

With the right remarketing approach you’ll soon enough find a lucrative revenue stream with the customers that almost got away.

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