Email Marketing for the Holidays

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Ho, ho, ho! It’s that time of year again, when email marketing becomes bigger than ever.  Business owners should be concentrating plenty of effort on their online shoppers, making sure that everything is going according to plan.  Designing a call to action that really hits hard and makes those shoppers want to convert with your site is a huge priority.  Here are some changes you might want to make right away, in order to capitalize on this heavy spending season.

  1. Give your customers a gift, too!  Offer content rich emails that perhaps have shopping tips, gift giving ideas, and more.  Include favorite family recipes, anything you want that you think would engage the readers and make your email more memorable.
  2. Be sure to send out your offers and discounts early.  Not everyone waits until the last minute, and, especially when it comes to online shopping, many customers want to get their orders in early enough so that they do not have to worry at all about shipping or arrival dates.
  3. Include your social media networks in your email marketing campaign.  You want to truly get the word out when you have some great holiday specials.  Feel free to offer special deals to those on your social media networks, this often goes over especially well during the holidays.
  4. Remember to protect your email marketing list tightly.  Never sell or rent the list, these are people who are trusting you to keep their privacy secure.  They want to do business with you, not have you do business with their information.
  5. Cross sell as much as you can.  The holiday season leaves shoppers ripe for extra special deals.  When a customer makes a purchase, offer them an additional item that is related at a discount.  For example, if you sell boots, then offer hats or socks during the winter holiday months at a discount.  You will find that this kind of marketing goes a long way toward increasing your holiday profits.

Get your fair share of the holiday shopping market by taking extra measures with your email marketing during the holiday season!

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