Simple or Complex? Email Marketing Tips

email marketing

There is no special formula when it comes to success with email marketing.  The ingredients are knowledge and patience, and there are different combinations that can work.  While there are some ways in which it is very complex, it can often be quite simple.  Many home based business opportunity seekers make the mistake of creating email offers that are not compatible with some of the common email programs used, resulting in fewer people being able to access and review your offers.  In order to prevent problems with loading and reading the email, here are a few things you need to avoid when creating your email for your special offer:

  1. Avoid using background images or colors.  Using these features will make the email more difficult to load.  You will find that fewer people are able to access your email using their computer systems, or it will take longer.  Either way, they will not be interested in waiting around to see what’s inside if there is an easier email to open waiting in their inbox.
  2. Avoid using animation or Flash programming.  Although these features will give plenty of visual interest to your email, it is less likely that someone will open an email containing a video unless it comes from an extremely trusted source.  Plus, these emails take longer to load—see #1 for why this is a problem.  Feel free to put video on the landing page so readers can check it out once they have decided to explore your offer.
  3. Avoid including unnecessary code in your email offers.  Each extra piece of code makes it more complicated to load.  You can create a professional and visually appealing email using simple features and save the complex programming for later parts of the process.  The key is to get readers to open and read your offer, then act on your call to action and click through.  If you lose them before they click through, they may be gone forever.

Email marketing can be very simple, but understanding that sometimes the simple parts count more than the complexities is important.  Save the extras for “wow-ing” the visitors who land on your site, but keep your emails simple so that they are accessible to the largest number of people possible.

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