Phone Interviewed Leads

If you would like the opportunity to contact leads who have truly gone above and beyond to express their interest, then phone interviewed leads will provide the right option for you. Our phone interviewed leads represent prospects who qualified not only by responding to a survey online but also by talking to one of our expert representatives. Thanks to our phone qualification process, you can be sure that these are serious prospects who are much more likely than average to respond to your offer and provide you with high “Return on Investment.” We call 25 leads for every one that’s right for you, and deliver your leads in real time.

Phone Interviewed Leads Are Truly Hot — Ready to Get Started With Your Offer!

Our company prides itself on providing the absolute highest caliber of qualified leads that you can use for everything from MLM opportunities to home based businesses to complex financial services such as mortgage services. When it comes to getting you the best leads available, we do not stop and are constantly refreshing our leads lists 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Because of our unique processes, we have been able to offer the following so far:

– Qualified leads that come from your own local area or from all around the United States;
– Women and men from all demographics and all walks of life who want what you offer;
– “Fresh” or aged leads from less than 72 hours fresh to 30 days or more primed and ready;
– International leads — among the very first services of its kind — from Canada, UK and more.

However, if you want to go as far as you possibly can on the concept of the qualified lead and save yourself as much time and money as possible, then there is absolutely no better option than our specialized “boutique” services for phone interviewed leads.

How do phone interviewed leads differ from the other great kinds of qualified leads we have?

When you use our live, phone interviewed leads, you are selecting prospects who have already indicated their willingness to invest their time in hearing about offers similar to yours. They are ready to take action and they have already proven this by being willing to sit down to a phone interview. You know that most prospects cannot be bothered to take this important step, so it is no surprise that these are the most active and highly primed prospects that you can get.

When you order phone interviewed leads, you are getting a highly targeted and specific list of people who have been interviewed over the telephone by our trained staff of marketing and advertising professionals. We understand how to use the latest behavioral interviewing strategies to really be able to quantify how likely it is that a given prospect will be interested in pursuing more information about your offer. That means that when you get a phone interviewed lead list from us, most of the hard work in getting your news leads to convert is already done.

Here are the key features that you need to know about when working with these leads:

– These prospects have “opted in” for contact from a qualified business like yours;
– These prospects are NOT incentivized to listen to your offer in any form or fashion;
– These prospects are interviewed by our trained marketing firm to find the right match;
– We call an average of 25 leads so that we can find the ONE that will be best for you!

Needless to say, the phone interviewed lead service is one of our most popular and it also happens to be one of the most time intensive in terms of the work hours that we invest in getting the product to you. Well, our investment is your savings, since many of our clients report that they are able to close deals with leads from this list an average of 66% faster than from other lists.

Customers who want to maximize their profit and get the most out of their business that they possibly can select our qualified phone interview leads at a higher rate than any of our other services. Pre-screening your leads with our marketing firm will help you to ensure that the prospects you speak to are serious, thoughtful individuals who have money to invest and the time to make a commitment. They have the desire and all they need is you!

Like our other qualified leads, you have plenty of options when you use phone interviewed leads:

– We can help you find and select leads from around the United States or within a local area;
– We can assist you when you need to find men or women who are eager to invest and work;
– We can aid you whether you want the freshest leads or whether you want qualified aged ones;
– We are the company of choice for the most sophisticated and profit-intensive opportunities.

We never use “scraped” lists that are derived from outdated public databases!

When you use another service, you have no idea what you are getting into. When you use any of our services, you know precisely what you will get because our company is one of the top names in the business and has been for a long time. We are one of the only companies that has the resources, dedication, and training to comb through 25 potential leads in order to help you find each and every single lead that is most eager and ready for your offer.

All you need to do is select us as your lead list provider and you will get quality and a customer service experience that cannot be matched anywhere else in the industry.

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