Direct Mail MLM Leads

Our direct mail MLM leads can help you to quickly build your network when you are developing a home-based or MLM business. Our leads are available according to the geographic scope that you select, whether local, national, or even international. Unlike other companies, our leads do not come from “scrubbed” public records lists that may be outdated. Ours are highly interested and prequalified so that you will enjoy a high rate of response. Leads are always delivered “real-time” and you have full control over how and when your information is delivered.

Direct Mail Is Still Hot For Home Based And MLM Businesses Like Yours

Are you looking for a great way to find the best direct mail leads available anywhere on the internet? Direct mail leads are enormously important to any form of MLM or home based business that is built upon networking. Without good leads, you might not be able to secure the foothold that you need to strive for excellence and achieve great performance in that all-important first year.

If you are in need of a good network fast, then you should consider our direct mail leads service. Our company has been on the internet longer than practically any other comparable lead generation and list building company. We know what it takes to find you prequalified leads who are much more likely to respond to your offer and, ultimately, provide you with a great rate of return as you cultivate the prospects on your list.

Other companies generally provide poorly targeted lists that are made up mostly of unqualified leads. These unqualified leads come predominantly from public records that have been searched, scoured, and “scrubbed” by people who are not even experts in the MLM or direct mail industries. Why would you trust your mailing list to someone who does not even know what it is like to be in your situation?

The answer is that you shouldn’t. Luckily, we have the solution for you.

We strive to develop the best lists of prequalified leads so that you can get your new business venture off to a great start. After that, you will have a much easier time building on your new momentum than you would have if you had used an inferior service. Because of our years of experience, we not only know how to compile the lists, but how to deliver them so that they are maximally effective and useful to you. There is no reason to worry when you are using our services: They are of the highest quality available on the internet.

Here are some of the key features of our Direct Mail MLM Leads Lists:

– Our leads are not available anywhere else and will never be found by any other company;
– Our leads are “hot” and prequalified whenever possible so you know that they have opted in;
– Our leads can be sourced from your local area, nationwide, or by other criteria that you set;
– Our leads can be fresh or aged according to the specific needs of your business and goals;
– Our leads are ready and waiting for your offer and many will be more than glad to respond.

When you work with us, you can choose from direct mail leads generated in the last 15-45 days or take the longer view and look for leads that were generated up to 180 days prior to your order. Our leads are prequalified according to individuals who willingly and openly answered our ad or survey. These qualifications do not come from a “sweepstakes” or any other kind of scheme.

That means that our leads are actually ready, willing, and waiting to hear from you right now …

You might have heard that direct mail is dead. Well, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. While some conventional businesses have been having difficulty with direct mail since way back in the beginning of the financial meltdown a few years ago, this is hardly having an impact on home-based and MLM enterprises led by entrepreneurs like you who understand how to really leverage the current economic and social situation.

People say that the volume of mail is going down and that response rate is going down with it, but if you simply think about the matter for a moment you will realize that this does not even make sense. Yes, the volume of unsolicited commercial offers IS going down, but that means the potential power of every piece of mail delivered is going up.

As always, the key to making sure that you get the very best results in your campaign is to make sure that you have the best mailing list! Companies who rely on poor quality mailing lists for their campaigns receive virtually no response, well under 1%, and usually end up taking a loss for every piece of mail that they put out.

On the other hand, a well-run mailing campaign based on a highly targeted and qualified list will often have a response rate in excess of 5% and can even have a response rate of 10% or more. Your mailing list is the heart of your campaign, so there is no reason to trust it to anyone other than the best.

Our company stands out among those offering lists:

– We have been on the ‘net longer than just about any other similar company;
– We were among the first to offer international leads in Canada, Australia, and more;
– We give you the choice of fresh or aged leads based upon your needs and preferences;

Our local and national direct mail leads built up of interested, enthusiastic, and energetic prequalified candidates are available for you to start working with right now. You will have total leeway over your account information, order status, number of leads received, your ability to reorder your leads and change your preferences, and more.

Call or email us to get started today!