More Mobile Marketing Tips

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Getting it right when it comes to mobile marketing is important.  Losing customers because you are not keeping up with technology would be a shame.  You already know that you have to make sure everything displays right to the members of your email marketing list.  You want those recipients to access your email right on their smart phone, and be able to quickly and efficiently get all of the information that they need to continue to engage with your company.

But, there are always more things to consider!  For example, have you thought of these things?

  1. Timing is everything, in some cases, and certainly when it comes to email marketing campaigns.  Did you know that mobile email use is highest on Fridays and Saturdays, and lowest on Sundays?  This certainly makes sense, but have you integrated this knowledge into your email marketing campaign?  Send out your emails at the right time, to maximize your exposure and the number of recipients that you can hit.
  2. Short and sweet subjects work best.  It can be difficult to come up with something crafty and clever and still keep it short, but it is important to try.  Many mobile devices only display the first 40 or so characters, you don’t want to have people misunderstanding the subject line, or have something important omitted because of the length.  Practice creating great subject lines that you can deliver in fewer than 40 characters.  Think of it as a challenge!
  3. Make sure that everything in your message loads and reads properly.  Mobile devices work differently than computers, so check everything well.  Clean displays and the right colors and fonts will be especially important as the mobile sector grows.

Smart phones are only becoming more and more popular.  Soon, a majority of people will get their information this way, and you want to be a part of that action.  Get your email marketing campaign more mobile friendly today.

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