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How to Make a Great Squeeze Page for Sales Leads

Okay, so you’ve got your sales leads and people are interested in what you have to offer, at least enough that they click the link you sent them in an Email. Now what? Where do you send them once you’ve … Read More.

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Does the Type of Source Matter for Marketing Lists?

So what do we mean by that? Of course the source matters for marketing lists. You don’t want to have marketing lists that were scraped from places like Craigslist or forums since these are basically spam fodder and will have … Read More.

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How to Use a Business Email List

So you’ve purchased a business Email list and you even know why a business Email list is valuable (because businesses often buy in bulk and often are easier customers to land than consumers). Now you need to know what to … Read More.

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How to Turn Opportunity Leads Into Customers

Opportunity leads are not like ordinary Email marketing leads. These are people who are looking, literally for an opportunity. They want to know about a business option that may be available to them which they could use to make money. … Read More.

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How to Choose Which List Broker to Work With

Let’s assume that you already know how to choose a reliable list broker. You know that you need to be careful to stay away from the spammers who don’t understand the difference between a quality Email list and a crap … Read More.

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Making People on Your Email Lists Into Regular Customers

We’re not going to tell you how great Email Lists are because you already know or you wouldn’t be hanging around a blog devoted to them. Instead, we’re going to show you how that initial contact from your Email list … Read More.

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4 Ways to Use Email Marketing Lists to Make Money

Let’s assume that you’ve developed some Email marketing lists. Let’s also assume that you have a relationship of some kind with these people and that most if not all of them have at least clicked something asking for more information … Read More.

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