How to Make a Great Squeeze Page for Sales Leads

Okay, so you’ve got your sales leads and people are interested in what you have to offer, at least enough that they click the link you sent them in an Email. Now what? Where do you send them once you’ve got your sales leads beyond the initial hurdle of initiating contact? You send them to your squeeze page of course. Here’s how to make a great one:

What is a Squeeze Page?

Just in case you’re not familiar with the term, here’s a brief explanation of what we mean: sales leads are just that – they’re leads. These are people who are potentially interested in making a purchase from you. They may even have made an initial purchase and now you want to turn them into real customers who will buy other products from you.

But now that you have these people interested in making a purchase from you, you need a place to send them. That’s your squeeze page. In essence, it’s a place where you “squeeze” people for the sale that you want to make.

So How Do You Make a Squeeze Page?

Squeeze pages come in pretty standard designs. They usually have a video at the top which explains the product that you are selling and then they have testimonials included below that. An important part of the squeeze page is that the price doesn’t appear until close to the end of the page, making your sales leads wait through your entire pitch (or look through your whole squeeze page) before they find out what the item happens to cost.

Does it Work for Any Product?

It’s a good question – squeeze pages are most commonly created for electronic products such as MLM marketing schemes and other kinds of Internet money making schemes. In fact, if you’ve developed sales leads for products like these, having a squeeze page is essential.

However, for other products, we do believe that it’s possible to create squeeze pages as well which will bring in solid money for you. The thing is, they should be tailored to your market and to the needs of your specific sales leads. Here’s what we mean:

Targeting Your Squeeze Page

Obviously, if you were trying to develop sales leads for MLM products or work at home schemes, you’d want to have a very different squeeze page than the one you would develop if you were trying to sell vacuum cleaners to housewives. In both cases, you need to speak the language of the people who would be interested in purchasing such a product.

So, for example, when you have sales leads who might be interested in purchasing MLM products, you’d write about how much money they can make from this product and how easy it is, etc. However, if you were trying to sell vacuum cleaners, you’d be talking about how it cleans much more deeply than other similar vacuum cleaners which are on the market and how it offers a better filtration system than other vacuum cleaners. Bottom line, speak the language your sales leads expect to hear and you’ll convert them much more readily than if you simply use generic terminology.

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