How to Turn Opportunity Leads Into Customers

Opportunity leads are not like ordinary Email marketing leads. These are people who are looking, literally for an opportunity. They want to know about a business option that may be available to them which they could use to make money.

They’re often willing to invest significantly more for the right opportunity than an ordinary sales lead as well and best of all, they are open to being sold to. They expect you to make a hard sell for your business opportunity and are want to know everything there is to know about what you have to offer.

That said, selling an opportunity is not so easy. You need to understand what makes people interested and why they might move from being opportunity leads into opportunity sales.

What Makes an Opportunity Attractive?

So what makes an opportunity attractive to a person, enough so that they’ll be inclined to spend some money with your company and purchase your system or franchise? Here are a few things that you should include in your squeeze page for your opportunity to turn opportunity leads into sales:

  • Genuine sales potential. Everyone wants to become a millionaire overnight, but we know it’s not really going to happen. Serious people who are willing to spend real money will be looking for real sales numbers where they can feel as if they’ve got a real chance at making money from your system or franchise. If you offer them instead pie in the sky numbers, you’ll lose some people who will (rightly) follow the adage “if it sounds too good be true, it probably is.”
  • An Explanation of Your System. Sure, there’s a sucker born every minute and you can pick up some sales from opportunity leads who will simply be sucked in by the promise of fabulous wealth and wonderful riches to come. However, those who really want to make serious sales of their products will show people why their system works, how it works and what they’ll get from it.

This is especially important when you are selling real opportunities that cost thousands or even tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. These people want details and want to know why your system or franchise opportunity really does make sense for them. They’ll also be sophisticated enough to look past your generic pictures of boats and beautiful bikini clad girls to see whether or not what you have to offer amounts to a real opportunity or a scam.

What You Should NOT Do

Opportunity leads, like anyone else are susceptible to psychological pressure. They want to be sold on a system or franchise opportunity and they want to know what’s in it for them. However, they also want to know that they’re getting value and that they’re not going to get cheated.

Therefore, if you are offering a serious opportunity, you should NOT make it seem cheesy. Let people see the real potential behind what you have to offer and those opportunity leads will turn into opportunity sales. Make it sound cheesy and like a fly by night operation, especially if you offer a “complete system that can make you millions of dollars” for the “low, low price of $199.95,” and you’ll get the handful of suckers but the serious leads will stay away, assuming it’s a scam.

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