How to Use a Business Email List

So you’ve purchased a business Email list and you even know why a business Email list is valuable (because businesses often buy in bulk and often are easier customers to land than consumers). Now you need to know what to go and do with it so that you can take your raw list and turn it into plenty of sales for your business. Here’s how to do it:

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Whatever product you are trying to sell to your business Email list, chances are, there are certain products that you could use as well. Whether your product is an Email autoresponder service to sell to your business Email list or the product is copy machines because you happen to have a huge mailing list as well, the bottom line is, you need stuff too.

Therefore, in order to figure out what would work for selling to businesses on your business Email list, all you really need to do is to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

What Would I Find Useful?

Would you really find it useful to get an Email in HTML format with lots of flashing lights because the person thought it was cool or would you rather get an Email that gets to the point and shows you why your business can profit from the product being offered for sale?

What Would I Look for In an Email?

Would you be looking for testimonials from others that the product being sold really works? Or would you want hard sales figures and an explanation of how the product works? Maybe you’d want both of those things included in the Email you receive. Whatever it is, you should probably be offering the same kinds of information to potential customers on a business Email list.

Would I Want to See a Generic Email?

The answer to this one should be obvious, but in case it’s not, the answer is no. Even if the product you have for sale happens to be one that would appeal to a broad cross section of businesses, for example, group life insurance, it’s still a good idea to tailor your pitch. This means that you make a different pitch to the large law firms than you do to the supermarket owner’s list. It just makes sense to do this even though ultimately you’re offering them all the same product.

Would I Have Time to Read a 1,000 Word Email?

Consumers might want to read a long squeeze page style Email. Business owners however rarely have time to look at such an Email. For a business owner, on a business Email list, if you want to make a sale, get to the point and show them why they can benefit and how much they can save. Then, make it easy for them to sign up for the service or to request more information.

Don’t Spam

Finally, for God’s sake, don’t spam a raw Email business list with every offer you can dream up. Stick to a focused message where you explain to them what you have to offer them and why it would benefit their business, with just one or two products offered (you can however offer variations of the product). Then, if they become regular customers, you might want to pitch additional products that fit within what they might need.

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