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Expand Your Network Marketing Team Through Consistent Follow Up

For network marketers, generating leads and growing a solid business made up of professionals is the foundation for success. However, a lot of challenges often come up within the overall strategy that people set up. One thing that is often … Read More.

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Karma Factor – Enroll MORE Leads in Your MLM

Network marketers have one key focus – getting their product or service out there and making sales while attracting prospects to their team. But for many, the approach that they take to do so is simply to throw as much … Read More.

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Probe Your MLM Prospects – Get THEM selling YOU

After you know someone is interested, do you go in for the close? Hopefully not. Hopefully you get THEM selling YOU on why they’re a great fit for your MLM opportunity. Not only is that psychologically powerful, warming them up … Read More.

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Commitment – Advanced MLM Closing Process

When you’re involved in network marketing, one of the most important things that you’ll need to be able to do is funnel leads to your business and then convince them to actually become customers and team members. There are a … Read More.

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