Probe Your MLM Prospects – Get THEM selling YOU

After you know someone is interested, do you go in for the close? Hopefully not. Hopefully you get THEM selling YOU on why they’re a great fit for your MLM opportunity.

Not only is that psychologically powerful, warming them up for an easy close, but it gives you material to use in the future, to keep them motivated and churning out results down the line.

Ask most network marketers what aspects of the field they really struggle with, and lead management, funneling, and retention is likely to come up. While there are numerous ways to go about generating leads, what many don’t understand fully is how to approach leads and funnel them into the business.

Introducing yourself to the lead is important, and so is having a superb elevator pitch that you use to present yourself and your business to them. But what is often overlooked is ‘The Probe”. This is a key aspect of network marketing, and understanding it is important if you want to truly thrive in the field.

What Is The Probe?

Once you’ve spoken to a lead and found out whether or not you’re talking to someone who is motivated and driven to succeed in your company, the probe comes into play. Essentially, you need to find out a few basic things about the potential team members.

This is where you find out the motivating factors that your potential rep brings to the game and what it is that will keep them driven towards success. Probing is about asking questions and getting the answers that will help you guide them more effectively.

Questions Worth Considering

So just what are you asking them, exactly? There are numerous questions that you’ll want to focus on and keep in mind, and when you start moving through them you’ll be able to learn what you need to know about your potential new rep.

Some questions to consider asking include:

• What motivates you to success
• What kind of income do you currently make?
• What kind of income would you like to earn?
• What is your current debt situation?
• What is your retirement plan?
• What are your dreams and goals?

Once that you have a clear idea about where they’re coming from and what is motivating them forwards, the next step is to ask them business specific questions.

These include things like:

• Why are you passionate about this product or business?
• What motivates you to help others with this product?
• What is it that you love about this business opportunity and product?

These kinds of questions help give you a blueprint towards crafting their skills and energy into becoming a successful network marketer and an important member of your team.

The Ultimate Goal

It can seem like these questions are invasive, but the reality is that when you start to probe for this information you’ll achieve two things:

• You’ll determine just how much a potential the new rep will bring to your team, and as a result be able to figure out what kind of attention you should give them as you train and motivate them.

• You’ll get the information you need to guide them properly. By using their passions, their interests, and their goals you can help them see how to better become a true business leader and thrive in network marketing.

There’s a lot more to network marketing than just trying to sell some product and sign up everyone you can. If you approach things the right way, you’ll get much better results and move your company into the future.

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