Monthly Archives: April 2013

Placing Bulk Email Opt In Forms Effectively

Developing your website is an ongoing process for any internet marketing specialist. Part of that development will also include building your email list. You should have a bulk email opt in form prominently featured on your site. But, did you … Read More.

Email Marketing vs. Social Media: Which is Better?

You’d be a fool to believe that email marketing is dead. In fact, quite the opposite is true. While social media is quickly becoming a very viable internet marketing solution, it can never quite replace email marketing lists as an … Read More.

Using Social Media to Increase Interest in Your MLM Downline

Growing a strong MLM downline requires that you attack the problem on several fronts at once. There is no “one” perfect way to get tons of leads and be able to consistently generate interest in your multi level marketing company … Read More.

How Video Can Enhance Your Email Marketing

Email marketing can become very tedious, if you do not consistently come up with new and creative ways to connect with the members of your email marketing database. Whether you are trying to sell goods and services through your website, … Read More.

Tips to Build Your List and Improve ROI

Success in the email marketing world requires that you build up a strong email list and email address database, one that can help you support and grow your internet business at a pace that keeps profits rising. One of the … Read More.

Writing Effective Email Titles

There is a dirty little secret that you need to be aware of when doing your e-mail marketing: many, many people will simply ignore your pitch because they will never see it to begin with. Writing an effective title for … Read More.

Why You Need a Mobile Friendly Site

Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, the odds are good that you have seen more and more people flipping through pages on iPads, Android tablets and of course all manner of smart phones (not to mention the … Read More.

Why Slow Loading Sites Mean Death for Marketers

We’ve all seen them – the website that just seems to take forever to load. It just crawls along and seems to never quite get to the point because it’s got lots of graphics and or lots of flash animation. … Read More.

The Right Way to Write a Call to Action

Probably the single most important part of any e-mail letter or squeeze page is the call to action. Without this, your efforts will come to naught because people will shrug their shoulders and walk away, thinking to themselves, okay, so … Read More.