Is Social Media Helping You Build Your Email Lists?

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There is a huge return on investment when it comes to social media. It is inexpensive and very effective, and it can help you build large email lists or MLM downlines, and it can often help you do so very quickly. As an internet marketing entrepreneur, you want to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to build up your business, and build up your lists so that you can develop a strong MLM downline that will bring in plenty of profits.

Social media helps because of the vast exposure that you can get, cheaply. It is true that you can get a professional search engine optimization company to handle your social media campaign, and it will cost you some money. This is certainly going to make it less work for you to keep up on, but, handling the social media campaign is also something many webmasters choose to handle on their own, since connecting with the prospects and customers is definitely going to be a more personal experience, or at least it should be.

When trying to build your lists through social media marketing, pay attention to the analytics, especially the click through rates and where your visitors are coming from. Also, know how many conversions are coming from social media sources, for best results when it comes to your analytics.

Here are some factors to consider when you are using your social media networks to build your email lists and develop your MLM downline:

  1. Different landing pages are going to give different results: A unique landing page for your social media contacts who get to see your link as compared with those in your email list as prospects can help you keep good track of where the visitors are coming from and then how the conversion rates are affected. This helps you target your audience better, figure out where your best email list leads and MLM leads are coming from, and develop better promotions and advertising. Using different SEO techniques, you can get different results.
  2. Different URLs can give different results: Track the results of your email marketing list campaign and your social media campaigns easily by using different URLs for the landing pages. This will help to simplify the analysis of the metrics when the time comes. Also, you can test out which of the URLs are most effective.
  3. Track the effects of your downloads: Be sure to always give unique file names to any content that can be downloaded, so that you can easily track the number of times it is accessed and used by visitors. Again, when you are promoting your email list and MLM downline on the social media channels, you want to have a way to know exactly what it is people are finding helpful and interesting when they arrive at your site. Unique file names can help you keep good track of that. Know how many people have downloaded, and how many people have chosen to become part of your email marketing list or your MLM downline by tracking the downloads as well as the subscription rate.
  4. Promote surveys and feedback requests on your social media networks: Ask your social media contacts and followers to complete short surveys about your company, your products and your services. When they do this, they will be asked for their email address. Most will willingly provide it, and as long as you inform them that this means that they are joining your email list, you can now count them among your growing number of prospects. Most people interested enough in filling out a survey (almost everyone likes to be asked for their opinion) will be willing to go along with joining your email list. Some of them may ultimately become strong members of your MLM downline. Surveys are  great way to get feedback from your contacts and make the necessary changes to your overall internet marketing strategy. It can also be very helpful for improving your ROI, because of the feedback you receive.
  5. Use alert systems wisely: When you are instantly alerted to developments related to your business or industry, you will be better able to act quickly and follow up. This is going to be especially important in the social media realm, where things happen quickly. Mentions of your company or your products are something that you really want to know about right away. Set up filters and alerts that will help you stay on top of this information. When your company or products happens to be mentioned, this is an opportunity for you to gain visibility. In the social media world, more visibility means more followers and that more people are taking notice. This will lead to a burst in your subscription rate, and perhaps even help you advertise for great MLM leads.

The bottom line is that, really, social media can really help to boost the development of your email lists and your MLM downlines. You can get a large number of leads by keeping close tabs on the social media connections that you have, and by paying close attention to where your traffic is coming from. The analytics for your social media campaign are important to track and understand, because understanding the behavior of your visitors, and the process that they go through to find you and then follow you, will help you better target your audience and get the most out of every bit of your efforts.

Don’t take social media for granted, as it is only becoming more powerful. Integrate it well with your other online marketing solutions and you will find that your MLM downline can really take off, or your email list will truly grow in size to something that will continue to generate new leads along the way. Also, the return on investment for social media can be huge, because the amount that you have to invest is usually quite small at the onset and beyond.


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