Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Importance of Split Testing

One of the most important things to do in marketing is split testing. In essence, this means that you create several different versions of your content and then watch closely to see which version converts the best. Why is this … Read More.

Psst…Want Free Content for Your Newsletter? Here’s How to Get It

No, this is no scam and no it’s not something that will work well for your blogs. However, if you run an e-mail newsletter (which is really what we at List Guy are all about), this is the perfect method … Read More.

Make Your Site Easy on the Eyes and You’ll Sell More Stuff

I’ve written in a different blog post (which may or may not have already been posted – I’m not sure when each of these are being published) about the KISS principle or Keep It Simple, Stupid. The idea there was … Read More.

How to Easily Find Topics to Write about In Your Blog or Newsletter

One of the biggest problems that anyone has who runs a blog or a newsletter is finding topics to write about. After all, if you write material on a daily basis and you don’t run a news site, eventually you … Read More.

Getting Word of Mouth Publicity

Here’s a simple and sobering fact: you cannot purchase the best kind of advertising for your website that exists. The very kind of advertising is what’s known as “word of mouth” and this kind of advertising is 100% free. It … Read More.

Why You Need a Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t already offer one, it is important that you offer a money back guarantee for most products that you sell. The one big exception is when you customize a product for a customer. So for example, if you … Read More.

How to Destroy Your Business in Five Easy Steps

Sometimes, it pays to take a step back and look at what people may be doing wrong even though they think they’re doing the right thing. These are five simple steps that you can use to destroy any business. They … Read More.

A New Way to Use Google Adwords

Most of us are well familiar with how Google Adwords works – you simply put in your ads, pick a budget and then let the thing run. When it runs out of money, it will ask whether or not you … Read More.

Recession Proof Income with Multi Level Marketing Lists

Because most people are looking for a way to recession-proof their lives and their income, multi level marketing lists have soared in popularity during the past couple of years. Home based business opportunity seekers are gaining valuable marketing and business … Read More.