How Video Can Enhance Your Email Marketing

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Email marketing can become very tedious, if you do not consistently come up with new and creative ways to connect with the members of your email marketing database. Whether you are trying to sell goods and services through your website, build a network, or develop your multi level marketing business by creating a strong downline, there are always ways in which you can improve your strategy to make it more effective.

Adding video to your email is one way that you can spice things up and make your messages more interesting to your recipients. Video provides n interesting enhancement to your messages, and may entice more recipients to open and actually watch your message, rather than skim through it. Also, video can make your message more memorable and more meaningful, which can keep your message in the minds of your recipients for a longer period of time, hopefully helping them to remember to come back. This can increase your brand recognition dramatically.

Consider these great ways to incorporate video into your email marketing list messages, so that you can have a greater impact on your audience:

  1. Add video testimonials from satisfied customers: Your potential customers are going to respond more positively to the video testimonials from your satisfied customers than they are to an advertisement or promotion that you are offering. Your satisfied customers can not only endorse your products and services, as well as your outstanding customer service, but they can provide real life examples of how your products and services made their lives better or enhanced them in some positive manner. Ask those customers who have given you high marks and positive reviews if they would be willing to participate in this type of advertisement. Offer them an additional incentive for doing so, to show your appreciation and thanks, because you will reap plenty of rewards from having them put forth the effort to help promote you. Watch your email list grow as a result of having real live customers help to spread the word about how great your company is. These kinds of videos not only work great for your email marketing list campaign, but you can use and re-use them as part of your social media campaign, further spreading the word to levels that are limitless.
  2. Add video demonstrations of your products and services in action: A detailed video showing your products and services in action is another powerful way to engage the recipients of your email marketing messages. This type of video lets your potential customers and prospects get a true birds’ eye view of how your products and services work, and this will help them understand exactly what it is that you are selling or offering. This helps to dispel any confusion, and will help to prevent returns and exchanges as well. Use different videos to show to different groups of your audience, for the best targeted marketing solutions that you can offer.
  3. Add video demonstrations of helpful tips: Every email that you send out does not have to be directly selling something to your email marketing list. People like to receive other kinds of messages from you, such as newsletters, helpful tips or other things that are related to your goods and services, but not shoving them down their throats. Keep in mind that people receive dozens of offers every day, and you do not need to contribute to the clutter constantly. Even when you do not have a great offer or promotion, use video in your email marketing campaign to connect with those on your email marketing database. Certainly you can recommend your products in these kinds of videos, but don’t make the focus the hard sell and you will win more people over.
  4. Add a video to thank your loyal customers: Yes, you probably send out an email at the time that any customer makes a purchase or signs up to join your email marketing list, but have you considered creating a video that thanks them? People respond to other people, better than they typically respond to just a regular email. Create a heartfelt message that thanks your customers for their loyalty, and helps to remind them just what a great company yours is to do business with. People don’t spend too much money too readily these days, so you need to not only appreciate that they chose you, but tell them that you appreciate them. This can go a long way toward keeping them on your email marketing list and helping them to want to be even more loyal—and spread the word about your goods and services to others that they know who might be interested.

Don’t be afraid to shake things up now and then with your email marketing list campaign. Adding video may be a new and creative way for you to expose your company and get more visibility. Videos are not only enticing to recipients, but they are often favored by the search engines, so creating them may actually get you more visibility in the search engine results, not just to your email marketing database. Make sure that the videos that you do choose to create are of decent quality. You do not have to be a professional film maker to create a simple video, but it does have to be presentable. Consider lighting, setting, sound quality and content very carefully. Making a video can be very powerful, but making a bad video is still going to be bad. Connect with your email marketing list in every way that you can think of, don’t just limit yourself to straight emails. Videos are great for sharing and forwarding, which is something that will help your campaign grow, and help you to get more and more customers on board with your goods and services. This is a great way to highlight what your company is all about and increase the interest. Many of your competitors may not yet be using video, so this may be a great way to get ahead of the competition, too!

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