Monthly Archives: December 2012

Email Marketers Get Help From Mobile Strategies

Mobile marketing is the ultimate strategy for connecting with customers.  Some studies suggest that users of smart phones and mobile devices are checking their phones up to 150 times per day.  They might not be checking their email every single … Read More.

Are You Ready for the Mobile Marketing Move?

Smart phones are everywhere.  The number of people who are using mobile devices on a daily basis for everything from surfing the net to shopping to getting their email to playing games and more is growing at an astounding pace.  … Read More.

Adapting Your Emails to Readers on the Go

Lead generation is only part of the program when it comes to email marketing.  A home based business opportunity seeker looking to establish a solid online business has to attend to many facets of the business.  One facet that cannot … Read More.

Email Optimization for Mobile

Those home based business opportunity seekers who are choosing to incorporate email marketing into their business plan must make sure that they are properly optimizing their emails so that they can be viewed and interacted with properly on mobile devices.  … Read More.

Don’t Forget the Customer When You Use Automated Sprints

Just because using automated sprints is simple and easy, and allows you to connect with your customers you cannot forget that you are still supposed to be interacting with them on a more personal level, too.  Engaging with the customers … Read More.

What Content Can You Re-Use?

There will always be some content for your email marketing campaign that can be reused, recycled or repurposed.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you set out to communicate with your email marketing database.  Recycling and … Read More.

Boost Your Email Campaign With Automated Sprints

Sometimes you need something quick to get out to your email address database, just to remind them that you are out there, waiting patiently for their business.  Other times, you need to connect with them about specific information that pertains … Read More.

Mobile Marketing Must Be a Natural Part of the Process

Escaping the mobile marketing craze is nearly impossible for the home based business opportunity seeker.  Those looking for email leads should not ignore the potential of mobile marketing.  When you have a strong contingent of mobile users on your side, … Read More.

Ways to Fail at Email Marketing

While email marketing success is not impossible for the home based business opportunity seeker, there are a few ways that you can help your business tank quickly.  Here are some mistakes to avoid if you want your email list business … Read More.