Email Marketers Get Help From Mobile Strategies

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Mobile marketing is the ultimate strategy for connecting with customers.  Some studies suggest that users of smart phones and mobile devices are checking their phones up to 150 times per day.  They might not be checking their email every single time, but there has to be a statistically significant amount within that.  What this means for the home based business opportunity seeker is that there are tons of chances throughout each day to connect with customers and get their interest in your products and services.  Add in local marketing strategies and location based marketing, and it is virtually a dream come true for the average home based business opportunity seeker looking for email leads and potential conversions.

The ability to use email to mobile devices as well as location based SMS messaging can help the average email marketer target customers at the right times.  Most email marketers are still playing catch up with these techniques, so learning what you can, right away, may help you get ahead of the competition.  Collecting a large number of email addresses from people who give you explicit permission to contact them will give you a large number of leads and help you to get the attention of the recipients, especially when so few home based business opportunity seekers have mastered this method of marketing.

Expect to see huge increases in mobile marketing over the next year.  Now is the time to get in on the action and get your email messages to the mobile devices of those recipients on your email address database.  The more you can get the word out, and the more you can get them to open and respond to your messages, the greater success you will find.  The capabilities are endless when it comes to mobile marketing, and you definitely do not want to be left behind as the shift continues to head in this direction.  Combine mobile with your other email marketing strategies and get the best results possible for your campaign.

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