Email Optimization for Mobile

home based business opportunity seeker

Those home based business opportunity seekers who are choosing to incorporate email marketing into their business plan must make sure that they are properly optimizing their emails so that they can be viewed and interacted with properly on mobile devices.  Smart phones and mobile devices are here to stay, so every internet marketing specialist should be certain to cater to this crowd, as well as the traditional PC users.  Those using mobile devices expect that any email marketer is going to be aware of this fact, and addressing the concerns related.

First and foremost, you want to keep your email simple in terms of graphics and any other added features.  The more graphics and images that you include, the more difficult it will be for mobile users to access the information.  When it is difficult to access the information, users will just move on, leaving your email unattended.  You can definitely increase your open rate by keeping things simple.  Shorter emails, easy to find links that can be manipulated properly on a mobile device, and snappy subject lines are important.

Be sure to always test out your email on a variety of devices before sending it out to your email address database.  You want to see what your recipients are seeing, and make sure that it is all good and mobile friendly.  If the email cannot be opened and read properly, your recipients will quickly lose interest.

Make your call to action clear, but remember that recipients may not act immediately if they are reading your email on their mobile device, while they are in the midst of their busy day.  Make it memorable so that they will go back to it later when they have a few minutes to attend to it properly.

Consider the timing of your email marketing campaign.  Remember that studies are showing higher open rates during the week, with the rates significantly tapering on the weekends.  Get to your recipients when the timing is right, for best results.  You will be more likely to get a higher conversion rate if you get to them when they are primed for taking advantage of your offers.

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