Are You Ready for the Mobile Marketing Move?

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Smart phones are everywhere.  The number of people who are using mobile devices on a daily basis for everything from surfing the net to shopping to getting their email to playing games and more is growing at an astounding pace.  As a home based business opportunity seeker, you need to get your mobile marketing movement ready and fully activated so that you can get the business of those people who are constantly connected.

There are a few things that you need to do in order to be successful during the mobile movement.  You need to first make sure that your site is going to be properly viewed on a mobile device.  Unless you have a site that can handle the mobile movement, you are going to get passed over for another home based business opportunity seeker’s offer, one that is now properly customized and optimized for mobile use.  That’s just the way it is, keep up or get out.

Formatting of your email offers is going to be important.  Your content has to be compatible with mobile devices, and should be able to be properly viewed so that it continues to attract your audience.  You do not have to make every message only targeted toward mobile users, there are still a large number of people who are using regular PCs and laptop computers for email and shopping.  Mix it up a little, but make sure that everything is compatible.  Oversimplifying so that only mobile users are engaged is going to be just as much of a problem as having something too complex that mobile users are not going to respond to.

Your mobile site should be different than your regular site, easily navigated with the touch and pinch method used on smart phones and mobile devices.  Remember, these users are not using a mouse to navigate, make sure that they can get around your site easily.  Messages that are poorly optimized and poorly designed for mobile devices will simply get deleted or passed over, with little attention.  Don’t waste your efforts, and don’t suffer the consequences of watching your email address database shrink because your users prefer mobile.  Your priority as a home based business opportunity seeker is to engage with as many members of your target audience as possible, as often as you can.

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