Tips to Build Your List and Improve ROI

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Success in the email marketing world requires that you build up a strong email list and email address database, one that can help you support and grow your internet business at a pace that keeps profits rising. One of the key points is that you only want to have people on your list who want to hear from you, true prospects that are likely to become true customers. Many email marketers wonder about the best ways to build up their lists, and there are sometimes conflicting opinions and advice. Here are some suggestions that you can use to build up a strong and solid email address database, one that is ethical and effective all at the same time.

Having Permission From the Recipient is Critical

Unless you have explicit permission from the recipient to contact them via email, then don’t do it. Using a bulk email opt in form can help with this, since you will have obtained the email addresses only because the recipient chose to provide it to you, in exchange for some benefit, whether that is an incentive gift or the benefits of being involved with your network, it doesn’t really matter. Just that you have permission. It is wise to keep records about the bulk email opt in, in case there is ever a question about the validity of your list. People tend to have very short memories when it comes to providing their email addresses, and, in the event that you need to defend yourself against any spam accusations, you should be able to show that you have built your email list in a methodical and ethical manner.

Getting permission, and using the bulk email opt in, is better than renting or buying email lists. When you build your own, you are getting a higher quality of addresses for your email address database, and not getting a list that may have been shared with dozens, or hundreds, of other email marketers already. Your contact list will be fresh and filled with the emails of recipients who are interested in hearing from you, specifically.

Keep Subscribers Around With Clear Communication

When you have a nice, open line of communication with your subscribers, you have the ability to connect with them, perhaps for the long term. Building up those relationships should be a priority, and when you can cultivate a long term relationship then you will be able to keep your list strong and healthy, allowing for repeat customers as well as additional referrals. Periodically check with the members of your email address database, to confirm that they wish to remain on your list and continue to be a part of your network. This is also important for weeding out old, outdated or invalid email addresses that will do nothing but clog up your email list. Sending out a reconfirming link for the recipient to click on is often enough to take care of this little task. It is acceptable to send this out a couple of times, to make sure that you are able to hit the vast majority of your recipients and keep as many emails on your email address database as possible.

Check Old Emails

When you keep the emails that you receive from customers, you are able to then use those email addresses to check in with them. Make sure that each and every one of them is offered the opportunity to join your email list by sending them a link to your bulk email opt in. since they have already done business on some level with your company, then they will be very likely to sign up, boosting your email list membership.

Advertising Online Helps Boost Subscription Rates

Use every avenue that you can to get subscribers for your email list. Don’t just limit the bulk opt in form to your landing pages, or your pages on your site. Make sure that you include a link in every email, and on your social sites, too. People on your mailing list are going to be more likely to share your link with others, helping to boost your email list numbers. Especially when it comes to social media, people tend to be followers, and check out everything that their friends and contacts check out. Not only does this make social media the powerhouse that it has become, it makes it a tool that can help you gain serious numbers of subscribers to your email list.

Also, be sure that you are advertising for your email lists in other areas of your own business. Perhaps you use multiple email lists for different business ventures. Well, you should do what you can to capitalize on your contacts, and perhaps get some people to sign up for multiple email lists. When subscribers already trust you, then they will be more willing to hand over their precious email address to you again, for a different mailing list. Consolidating your efforts is a wise decision in this case.

Don’t forget to grab the customers’ email addresses at the time that they make a purchase, either. This is a very easy way to get them to subscribe to your email list, after all, they just trusted your company enough and liked your goods and services enough to spend money on your site? What more endorsement do you think you need? Additionally, you can request that they send your link to  friend, and even have a place on your page that helps them do this seamlessly and effortlessly, in the “Let your friends know about this great deal!” sort of way.

With so many ways to boost the email list membership and build up a strong email address database, it’s no wonder that this is such a popular online marketing solution for so many internet marketers.

When your email list is robust and strong, you will find that your traffic and conversions increase substantially and that you enjoy a much higher return on your investment. Take the time to do things right and it will pay off!

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