Monthly Archives: October 2012

Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers Have Choices

Going into business for yourself is often a smart—and potentially lucrative—decision.  Many people fear taking that step and truly becoming a home based business opportunity seeker because there are certain risks involved.  If you are accustomed to getting a regular … Read More.

Getting Feedback From Your Email Marketing List

Anytime that a customer places an order online, you should make an attempt to get feedback about the process.  When your customer places the order, they will most likely be giving you their email address, which you should have asked … Read More.

Prospecting for Network Marketing Email Leads

Finding new ways to get network marketing email leads sometimes means recycling old methods, sometimes with a new spin.  You can take old email lists or old email address databases and sift through them, trying to find prospects that would … Read More.

How Mobile Apps Help Your Email Marketing List

I recently tried to place an order online with one of the major home improvement warehouse stores.  I discovered that they had a very clever way of building up their email marketing list, and getting me to become part of … Read More.

Learning About Network Marketing Leads

Network marketing can be very attractive to those home based business opportunity seekers that may have limited formal business experience or training.  How involved you become with network marketing leads is basically up to the individual entrepreneur.  You can learn … Read More.

Are There Still Benefits to Direct Mail Over Email Marketing Lists?

There will probably always be a great debate when it comes to email marketing lists versus direct mail, regarding which of these strategies will work best to connect with a target audience and get their attention.  Both are well known … Read More.

How Do Network Marketing Lead Lists Work?

People often mistakenly assume that network marketing lead lists relate to some mysterious kind of business.  The reality is that network marketing is just another type of sales business, where people or companies attempt to establish groups of other people … Read More.

Finding Network Marketing List Prospects

When you finally come to the smart conclusion that the best way to develop a network marketing list is to direct your focus to selling yourself and your business, rather than your products, you will be well on your way … Read More.

Building Email Marketing Lists and Relationships

In the business world, a professional appearance is critical.  This means that if you are doing face to face business, you must appear professional.  If you are conducting your business through a website, the site must be professional.  If your … Read More.