Monthly Archives: October 2012

Prospecting for Your MLM Downline

The primary reason for someone to join an MLM downline is to make some extra money and, hopefully, improve their quality of life.  If that is not going to happen, then why would a home based business opportunity seeker look … Read More.

What Can Freebies Accomplish With Your Email Marketing List?

Freebies can get a lot for you when you use them right.  Your email marketing list is just ripe for the picking if you can use your freebies effectively.  First, you have to decide what your goal is:  are you … Read More.

Can Network Marketing List Businesses Be Lucrative?

If you are already involved in a network marketing list, then you probably already know the answer to this question, and you can provide multiple examples of how you have made money through network marketing or using MLM downlines.  If … Read More.

Promote Your Email Marketing List Freebies

Developing a strategy for promoting your email marketing list freebies is important.  Now that you actually have something to give away, you have to find a way to use it to entice people to either use your bulk email opt … Read More.

Finding Freebies for Your Email List Offers

By now you recognize that it helps to have an incentive for your visitors when you are trying to build your email marketing list or get a huge email address database.  One problem that many home based business opportunity seekers … Read More.

Keeping Up to Date With Your Email List

One specific phenomenon that many email list marketers frequently refer to is “list churn.”  This term describes the problem that occurs when members of your email address database change their email addresses (which can happen very frequently, and for a … Read More.

Low Risk for Home Based Business Opportunity Seekers

Going into business for yourself need not be such a daunting process.  Home based business opportunity seekers can often begin a home business, such as an MLM downline or network marketing list business, with little investment in the way of … Read More.

Finding MLM Opportunity Seekers

While prospecting for leads for your network marketers list, you have to consider certain criteria.  Not everyone is cut out for this type of business, and not every lead is going to pan out into a good member of your … Read More.

Attitude Matters in Email List Marketing

When approaching a potential customer, your attitude can tell that person quite a bit.  It will often help them decide whether to listen to what you have to say, or whether to just move on.  When it comes to email … Read More.