Does It Matter What Time of Day You Are Email Marketing?

home based business opportunity seekers

Many email marketing list specialists wonder if there is a “best” time of day for communicating with their customers.  There have been many market studies and surveys to help determine if there is really an answer to that question.  Although there has been quite a bit of data collected on the topic, it is still difficult to tell whether or not there is truly an ideal time to contact home based business opportunity seekers, mainly based on the fact that, by nature, they are a flexible group of people who tend to work outside of the conventional hours and schedules of the mainstream business world.

With that said, there may be some useful data to be gleaned from the surveys and studies.  As it turns out, about one fourth of emails to home based business opportunity seekers tend to be opened within the first hour that the email is received.  The percentages drop significantly after that.  So, how can you target your audience at the right time, so that you can get as many home based business opportunity seekers to open that email immediately?  Email marketing list businesses rely on getting people to open the emails and then proceed to click through to the offer.

The results of the studies show that the best time to hit the members of your email marketing list is first thing in the workday morning, like between 8-9 am.  The main problem with this plan is that, as an email marketing list specialist, you are most likely targeting people who live in a variety of time zones.  This makes delivery at certain times a little bit tricky.  Other hot times are late afternoon, this seems to be the more likely time for people to click through to the offer and check things out.

Balancing the timing of email marketing list delivery to home based business opportunity seekers may be challenging, but there are plenty of automated programs that are available to help you with the proper distribution to your home based business opportunity seekers.  Look into the options so that you can capitalize on the number of people that open and click through!

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