Avoiding Spam in Email Marketing

email marketing leads

One of the greatest challenges when it comes to email marketing is being able to avoid having your emails sent to the spam folder.  You want to make sure that the maximum number of people open your email and get to explore the offer.  Your email marketing list should contain a large number of email marketing leads that are going to have already indicated to you that they want to hear from you.  Make sure that they can hear from you and take advantage of what you have to offer.

One of the ways that you can get your email sent to the spam folder is by using certain words too frequently.  It is thought by many email marketing list specialists that one of those words is “free.”  Now, you certainly want to advertise when you have something for free, and everyone likes to get something for free.  But, with so many spammers abusing the use of this word, you have to be careful about how often you are using it and where you are using it.  If it is always in the title of the emails you are sending to your email marketing leads, this will ultimately get picked up and flagged as a problem.

Marketing studies are showing that once you have developed a strong email marketing lead list, you probably already have the attention of the recipients.  So, even when you are offering something for free, it may just be an added bonus—these are people who want to hear from you anyway and will be more likely to open your message.

Keep the use of flagging words, like “free,” to a minimum, especially with your established email marketing list.  You can still use this word when you need to, it can be very helpful when you are trying to drum up new business and get some new email marketing leads to sign up for your program.  You want to do everything that you can to avoid getting your messages sent to the spam folder, unread.

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