Monthly Archives: June 2012

What Happens When You Rent a List?

If you are into email marketing, then you have probably heard, time and time again, about renting or buying an email list for marketing purposes. When you purchase an email list, you are often given an email address database to … Read More.

Publicizing Your Special Offers to Potential Customers

Do you have a great idea for a special offer that can help you build up an amazing database email list? All you are looking for is the best way to get the news out and spread the word about … Read More.

How the Right Offers Help Build Your Email List

Database email marketing relies on the development of a solid email list containing addresses of your target audience. Your target audience refers to those people who you are fairly confident would be interested in what you have offer. Typically you … Read More.

How to Buy Coregistration Leads

Coregistration leads are specific email address leads that come from a bulk email opt in by a customer who agrees to be included in a variety of email lists at once. There are many benefits to using coregistration leads, and … Read More.

Gaining the Trust of Your Email List

If you are hoping to sell goods and services through an email marketing campaign, then you should take the right steps. Starting out by bombarding your email address database with offer after offer, promotion after promotion, is a quick way … Read More.

Build a Huge Email List

Working on an email list takes time. Even the most seasoned Internet marketing specialists will have to really work at it until they build up a strong list, whether they are looking for gold investor leads or trying to build … Read More.

Keep At it When You are Email Marketing

Trying to drum up business through email marketing is a tedious process, but one that can pay off significantly once you get the right email address database containing the email addresses of a strong targeted audience. If you are using … Read More.

Developing Compelling Titles for Your Email Campaign

How can you get recipients to open your email? Much of the success of your email marketing campaign may be related to what you actually put in the subject line of your email when you send it to your email … Read More.

How a Credible Email List Broker Develops Lists

Email list development seems very simple, but it is a skill that takes some time to develop. Some would assume that all you have to do is amass a large number of email addresses and, voila, you have a email … Read More.