Publicizing Your Special Offers to Potential Customers

bulk email opt in

Do you have a great idea for a special offer that can help you build up an amazing database email list? All you are looking for is the best way to get the news out and spread the word about how your customers can take advantage of the special offer that you have. An autoresponder is one of the best methods for building an email list of targeted addresses. Getting the customers to the place where they can sign up for your email list is the key. Here are a few ways that you can get the word out to your target audience:

  1. Be sure to announce the special offer on the home page of your website. Does this seem like common sense to you? You would be extremely surprised to realize that many webmasters fail to put the announcement on the home page, relying fully on an email marketing campaign to get the word out. You still will have visitors to your site, you definitely want to give them the choice of the bulk email opt in so that they can join your email list and take advantage of everything you have to offer.
  2. When announcing a special offer or promotion on your website, you still have to do other types of advertising online to get the traffic to your site. Keep in mind that regular search engine optimization tactics, links, articles, blog posts, forums and other methods are very important. Never rely fully on an email marketing campaign or your database email list for all of your online business needs.
  3. Contact other businesses in your niche or related to your niche, and find ways to exchange email lists or promote each others’ offers. While this does not work well with your direct competition, you can work closely with other small business owners who have related products and services and build up a terrific database email list together. Just be sure to have explicit permission from the recipients to do so. If a customer trusts you with their email address, then they might be very open to the idea of getting other great offers from companies you trust.
  4. Finally, buying an email list for marketing purposes is not always a bad idea. You can often get a solid list of email addresses for recipients in your target audience. This does cost money, and you should avoid those email list brokers who are offering huge lists for pennies. Once you have purchased a database of emails, you can often generate a large number of bulk email opt in customers in a short period of time.

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