5 Things You Can Do With Vine for Marketing Purposes

If you haven’t yet heard of vine, that’s not a big surprise. It’s only been around for a few months. Twitter launched the new service back in January and since then, it has been growing in popularity. So just what is Vine and how can it be used to help you to grow your business? Read on and we’ll tell you all about it:

What Is Vine Anyway?

Vine is basically an iOS app (for all my fellow Android lovers, I’m annoyed too that Twitter hasn’t bothered to release an Android version yet, though PC Magazine reports that they are working on one) to create short videos. When I say shorty by the way, I mean really short – Vine videos are always no more than 6 seconds long. Now you may be asking what people could possibly have to show in just six seconds but I’ll ask you a counter question: what could anyone possibly say in just 140 characters?

Ask Customers to Tweet Using Your Product

Because Vine is now wholly owned by the good folks at Twitter, Inc., they also have tight integration with the Twitter API. This means that when you record something on Vine, it’s super easy to send it off to Twitter for a quick little video tweet. You could ask customers record themselves giving super short demos of what they do with your product or showing off why they love the product that you have for sale. Because Vine is designed to be fun and social, people can easily put up such microvids with a minimum of fuss.

Make a Mini Series

Hulu actually pioneered something like this concept when they created various web series, some of which were as short as 30 seconds per episode. Vine challenges you to make your series into a series of six second snippets. See how much you can get into six seconds of video and then create a whole series of vids which show your customers why your product is the very best thing since the iPhone. Is it hard? That really depends on your own level of creativity. If you treat this as a way to have micro-sized conversations with your customers then it’s not too hard at all.

Show Your Mug

People don’t like to buy from nameless, faceless corporations anymore. They want to buy from a real person. So why not show them who you are why the product that you have for sale is really cool and something worthwhile? In other words, show them your own mug (and no, I don’t mean the one you drink coffee from).

Do a Mini Instructional Series

Want to really impress your audience? Give them some super quick instructions on bits of wisdom involving your particular niche. They’ll be impressed, begin following you and buy more of whatever it is that you have for sale.

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