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How to Create a Promotion Strategy for Your Marketing Business

Just 22 percent of business owners report that they are pleased with their conversion rates. The rest continue to implement marketing strategies with little or no results. Maybe they’re implementing the wrong strategies. They could be expecting overnight success and … Read More.

How To Generate Leads from Your Facebook Account

Want to create more leads for your network marketing business? And grow your business in a really big way? Of course you do. And you can do it easily with your Facebook account. Many network marketers I’ve spoken with are … Read More.

5 Tips for Hosting an Engaging Facebook Event

Pour, toast, clink! Hosting a Facebook event is a great way to network and meet new professionals. (Not that you need an excuse to have a good time.) There are many elements that go into throwing a memorable party that … Read More.

12 Customer Prospecting Tips You Need to Know About

In 2016, network marketing based home businesses had an 80% higher success rate than regular brick and mortar businesses. Customer prospecting is the best way to achieve that success rate. Are you struggling to pull in new clients to start … Read More.

4 Ways To Follow Up With Customer Leads

Following up on customer leads is both crucial and delicate. It’s crucial for your bottom line. It’s delicate because it’s so very easy to annoy or scare away a potential customer. Most leads aren’t ready to commit to a sale … Read More.

5 Tips for Creating a Fun Network Marketing Event

Networking events are some of the most critical strategies for securing new business. Face-to-face communication is supremely useful when it comes to engaging future customers and establishing relationships. A network marketing event gives you the opportunity to interface with future … Read More.

Top 10 Benefits of Branding Your Network Marketing Business

When you start your first network marketing business the first thing you need to do is create a strong following. Branding is the term used to describe the process of making a distinctive and durable perception in the minds of … Read More.

How to Have More Product Sales Without Being Salesy

Working in product sales is a tricky job. One of the toughest parts is trying to avoid becoming a caricature of your profession. Salespeople have a bad reputation. Movies and TV shows depict sales workers as using gimmicks and hyped-up … Read More.

Closing Deals for Dummies: A Guide for Network Marketers

If you’ve survived as a network marketer after the initial dropoff period, statistics have shown you’ll be in it for the long haul. While the day to day operation gets easier over time, some people struggle with finding the right … Read More.

New Things to Know for Creative Content Marketing in 2018

As business owners and marketers, it often feels like we’re playing catch-up. We spin our tires keeping up with the news in our industries, posting to social media and engaging with key influencers. While we might be building brand awareness, … Read More.