Harnessing The ‘Power of One’ for Your Multi-Level Marketing Business

When you enter network marketing, it can be very easy to lose focus on the different steps that will lead you to greater success. There are a lot of different strategies out there, and there are also a number of elements that go into you reaching your goals.

For many people who are involved in multi-level marketing, one of the things that they will likely remain focused intently on will be trying to round up dozens of people immediately and have them all join their team. There’s nothing wrong with that goal, of course. After all, the more people that are part of your network marketing team, the more money you can earn. Top leaders have large teams, right?

But it’s important to understand that while working to recruit dozens of people at once – usually through events, parties, or meetings – can help you reach your goals, it’s even more important to slow down and take things at a more measured approach. We’re talking about what is known in network marketing as the Power of One, and by using this simple process and the principle of exponential duplication, you can end up getting even better results.

what is the power of one

What is the Power of One?

Essentially, the Power of One is just what it sounds like – a process where instead of trying to approach multiple people in groups and attract them to your network marketing business, you simply focus on gaining one new team member each month over a period of 12 to 18 months.

That sounds counterintuitive, right? After all, there’s strength in numbers – especially when it comes to network marketing. But the reality of the situation is that when you’re adding a single member each month, you’ll gradually be able to build a tremendous roster of talent on your team. And when you show them the same approach, their team grows as well. This kind of exponential growth brings some big rewards and a fast track to your ultimate goals.

However, it’s also important that you understand that along with that Power of One is the need for Duplication. Here, we’re talking about the process of making sure that each person you recruit is able to duplicate your efforts. In short, every person that you add each month needs to then add their own person to their team every month. In doing so, you don’t have to worry about those group recruiting efforts – you get results fast with less effort.

a look at the numbers

A Look at the Numbers

If you’re not convinced that this is a method that’s well worth utilizing, consider the numbers behind it. Let’s take a look at how the Power Of One combined with Duplication can generate huge results for your business. Here’s the basic breakdown.

  • Month One: You + Your 1 = 2 team members
  • Month Two: You + Your 1 + Their 1 + Your Additional 1 = 4
  • Month Three: Those 4 + Their 4 = 8 team members
  • Month Four: Those 8 + Their 8 = 16 team members
  • Month Five: Those 16 + Their 16 = 32 team members
  • Month Six: Those 32 + Their 32 = 64 team members
  • Month Seven: Those 64 + Their 64 = 128 team members
  • Month Eight: Those 128 + Their 128= 256 team members
  • Month Nine: Those 256 + Their 256 = 512 team members
  • Month Ten: Those 512 + Their 512 = 1,024 team members
  • Month Eleven: Those 1,024 + Their 1,024 = 2,048 team members

See what we mean? You’re already up to more than 2,000 members, and you haven’t even been at the game for a full year yet. If you follow that out, by the end of the year you could potentially have more than 4,000 people on your network marketing team – all by just adding a single member each month and making sure that your team members duplicate that exact process for themselves.

And of course, there are always going to be some drops. Some people just don’t have what it takes for network marketing, and from time to time you’ll end up losing someone throughout your chain. But the key is making sure that the number you’re bringing to your team outweighs those who give up before they find their true potential. This duplication process helps you grow a strong team fast.

Now, take that to the next level. Let’s assume that after you get the hang of your network marketing business and recruiting new members, you step it up to 2 members a month. Assume that at least half of those you’ve already recruited start doing the same. The numbers can be mind-boggling big, and the only limit is your own confidence and capabilities.

additional benefits power of one

Additional Benefits of the ‘Power of One’ Method

So now you have a clear idea about the numbers behind the Power of One and duplication. Those simple numbers mean that you can get some significant results from your efforts at being a true leader in the network marketing world. But what about the additional advantages and benefits that this method can provide to you and your team? Let’s take a look at some of them now – you might be surprised at what else this method has to offer.

  • The biggest, most obvious additional step is simply less effort on your part. Yes, you still need to put forth a lot of work. And yes, you need to continue holding events to attract customers and potential additional members of your team. But when you’re focusing on just attracting one new recruit each month, you’ll be able to build a team with less overall effort.
  • You’ll notice more from your team, too. Fewer people will give up immediately since you’re giving them a clear, basic goal that they can work towards. Trying to attract a dozen members in a month can lead to discouragement. But one member a month? It’s more doable, and helps keep your team members motivated and driven towards their future.
  • Attracting the best possible members to your team is important, but when you’re constantly using mass recruitment efforts like events or parties, you’re not able to really focus on this. Instead, you’re casting a big net and hoping that the right person ends up in it. Doesn’t it make more sense to identify someone you really want on your team and then work to get them? It’s a quality over quantity situation, and something that your business will benefit from tremendously.
  • Similarly, instead of spending time and energy organizing four or five parties or events every month, isn’t it better to hold just one or two events and then focus on attracting better members through direct contact? Those parties and events are important, without question. But they shouldn’t be the sole focus of your energy.
  • You’re also able to nurture your leads and new team members. Think about it – when you bring 5 people into your team in a single month, that’s 5 people you have to guide, train, and help move towards their goals. It’s not that easy to give them all the attention that they really need, is it? But when you’re attracting a single person per month, you’re able to spend more time with them. Once again, it’s quality versus quantity and in doing so you’ll see that your team is stronger and more effective than it would be otherwise.
  • You have a clear goal with this method. That lets you avoid losing track of what you should be focused on and makes it easier to stay on task as you move towards your goals. It also helps you feel as though you’re accomplishing more for your business.
  • If you manage this method properly, you’ll be able to spend more time learning about new products in your business, marketing them to potential customers, and more. Simply put, you’re able to spread your energy more completely and get the best possible results from your network marketing efforts.

success is a journey

Top Tips for Better Results With the Power of One

By now, you’ve probably realized just how effective the Power of One system can be at generating some tremendous results for your business.  There are a few tips that can help you get even better results from this method. Understanding them will be instrumental in ensuring that you get the best possible outcome when you start devoting yourself to your business.

With that in mind, here are a few of the key tips that you’ll want to remember for better results from the Power of One.

  • Understand your Ability – Start off slow. Work on attracting one person to your team each month, just as the method dictates. But if you start feeling like you’re improving your capabilities as a leader, don’t hesitate to focus on trying to attract 2 people to your team. Or 4. Or 10. Don’t spread yourself thin, but if you have the ability to attract more team members, don’t hesitate to do so.
  • Stay Positive – Attitude is everything. When you’re negative, it bleeds through to everything you do. Those you try to recruit will notice it, you’ll be less motivated towards success, and you’ll generally have a harder time moving your business forwards. Even when you meet with setbacks, be sure to remain upbeat and positive in order to get the best results from everything you do – including recruiting your monthly member.
  • Commit Fully – If you’re not really committed to what you’re doing, it’s going to be harder to succeed at it. You need to be committed to putting forth the time, energy, and effort needed to succeed in your business. Don’t put forth half-measures, or you’ll struggle in everything you can do.
  • Generate A List – You likely know at least a handful of people who you feel would be great team members. Can you list 6? How about 12? If so, you’ve got a full list of the people you want to recruit over the span of a year. Add in a few extras in case someone turns you down, and then get to work. Each month, focus on one name on your list. Don’t get distracted with the others – devote one month to each of those people. You’ll get better results.
  • Expect Setbacks – This is the one thing that nobody really wants to talk about, but it’s important to face down. The reality is that sometimes, people will tell you no. Sometimes, that team member you had faith in simply gives up. If you want to get the most from this system, you need to be able to accept these setbacks and move on. If you let them define you, you’ll never succeed.

These are some simple steps to get more from the Power of One in your network marketing efforts. You’ll notice that most of the hard work is simply in your attitude and your willingness to devote yourself to your business. The right mindset means a lot, and as long as you go into the process with the right level of confidence you’ll be able to start moving towards your goals in a much faster way.

measured success

Put the Power of One to Work For Your Multi-Level Marketing Biz

In summation, it’s important for network marketers to remember that they don’t’ need to get overwhelmed or feel like they need to bring dozens of people to their team every month. Instead, approaching things with a more measured approach can often net much better results for your business.

Take the time to understand how to use the Power of One for your business and how to use duplication for better results, and your business will start to thrive in ways you can’t imagine. It’s a simple, straightforward system that virtually anyone can use and understand, but it brings some big results.

Make your list of 12 people you want to attract over the next year and believe in yourself. From there, the power of one will work for you.

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