Get Internet Marketing Leads from Social Media

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You can find internet marketing leads in some very unexpected places, if you are willing to think “outside of the box,” and use all of your resources wisely. You have more connections and contacts than you may initially think, if you use your social media networks to their full advantage.

Keep in mind that anytime you use social media, you are not only broadcasting to those who may be on your connections and contacts lists, but you are also communicating with the connections and contacts of those people. This can help your email lists for marketing grow exponentially. The contacts of your contacts may include a large number of people who have similar interests and needs, making them excellent internet marketing leads for your campaign. What better way to find targeted audience members than contacting the contacts of people already involved with you?

Take Twitter, for example.  You can put up a quick “140 character or less” tweet that mentions something about a product, service or interesting factoid related to your company or niche, and, within seconds, thousands of people can see it.  Think of the effect this can have on your traffic, if you have purposed your Twitter account properly.

Similarly, with Facebook, you can update your status and include a link to your webpage, and that information is literally shouted out across the Internet.  You can get many Internet marketing leads this way, and develop a very extensive email list for marketing.

YouTube will work in the same way.  Put up a video that demonstrates your product, and watch how many views you get.  Be sure to tag it properly, using the best keywords that you can.  When you get a high number of viewers, you will start to see an increase in traffic to your site (assuming that you have included a link?).

Connect with each of the Internet marketing leads that you get from your social media outreach through your email list for marketing campaign.  Not every person that you get to your site will turn out to be a customer, but the more leads you can drum up, the more customers you will end up with.

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