How To Generate Leads from Your Facebook Account

Want to create more leads for your network marketing business? And grow your business in a really big way?

Of course you do. And you can do it easily with your Facebook account.

Many network marketers I’ve spoken with are missing something big when they don’t use Facebook to grow their business revenue.

Did you know that 45% of expert marketers say Facebook is an effective way to market business? That’s actually not surprising because Facebook reported 1.32 billion daily users last quarter.

This makes your Facebook account a great tool to generate leads and build relationships that with a little nurturing can turn into delighted customers.

Want to know how it’s done?

Without further adieu, here’s how to generate authentic leads and increase your revenue for your network marketing business by using your Facebook account.

Let’s hit it.

1. Facebook Messenger Destination Advertisements Integrate with Chatbot

Late last year, Facebook introduced a new product to Facebook users called Messenger Destination Ads.

This instant messaging tool allows potential customers to access your Facebook account. Facebook devised Facebook Messenger Destination to drive Facebook users to your business by encouraging them to interact with their Messenger bots.

You may have read about how AI and machine learning are going to be one of the best marketing tools in 2018.

After an end user clicks on an advertisement in the Facebook News Feed, a thread from Facebook Messenger pops up displaying a copy of your advertisement.

At the same time, a message prompt appears so the interested prospect can begin the conversation. Users can then engage in a chat with the chatbot or they can choose to the follow instructions that appear on the screen.

Since its launch, it has served as an effective way to generate leads because prospects often want to interact with the company before they make a purchase.

They can ask questions or make product inquiries before they decide to buy.

They also can subscribe to a company’s website to receive more product information on company websites or through email marketing delivered to their inbox.

Facebook Lead Advertisements

Facebook Lead Ads enable a business to gather data from a user’s Facebook account. After someone clicks on the link, you’re opt-in form appears.

This prefilled form makes it simple for users to join your subscriber lists. They won’t have to complete any details. It’s already there for them.

Easy peasy.

When a user completes their information in the form, Facebook stores the information in a CSV file that the advertiser can then download.

You can then access the customer’s details and upload them to your CRM software or autoresponder to use the information.

Marketers find that when used with retargeting to mobile devices, it helps to greatly increase lead conversion efforts.

You can also coordinate your leads and input them into your CRM software application or your email programs like Mail Chimp or Sales Force email software.

This makes Facebook Lead Ads a great way to organize your prospect data and gain quick access to contact in a timely fashion while your lead is still hot.

Instant Articles

With instant articles, advertisers can share their published content within the Facebook app.

Facebook’s claims that Instant Articles do better on Facebook accounts than mobile articles on Facebook’s news feed.

They load 10 times faster than mobile web articles. You’ll recognize them by the lightning image icon on the Facebook page posts.

According to Facebook, Instant Articles generate 20% more clicks than mobile web articles do from the News Feed.

When a user clicks on an Instant Article, they’re 30% more likely to share it and 70% less likely to abandon the article, according to Facebook.

Video ads with Targeting Options

It’s no secret video reigns in popularity everywhere online, especially on Facebook accounts. It provides a multisensory approach to help people remember your content and connect with your target audience.

When you use Facebook video advertising, it’s easy to gather user’s information from within video ads. Users won’t have to complete any details or navigate to another page off of Facebook.

Similar to Instant Article Forms, Facebook collects user’s data from their Facebook account profiles. This is an added plus for both the advertiser and the member because it makes it simple for users to sign up.

Just have a call to action with a link. Members click your CTA to submit their data and they’re done.

The great thing is Facebook verifies the emails, which makes them genuine and solid leads.

As an added bonus, advertisers can add retargeting to their video advertisements.

This means you can target a large audience based on specific demographics. You can reach the exact segment you want to market to.

You can create another targeting option by selecting people who watched a high percentage of your video ads.

This lets you narrow in on a segmented audience who is interested in your products and services and spend less time with those that aren’t interested.

This increases your results of generating qualified marketing leads that can turn into qualified sales leads.

Generating Leads From Your Facebook Account Is Easy With the Right Tools

Now you know some great ways to generate leads easily right from your Facebook account.

By incorporating these strategies, you’re apt to see positive results in no time.

Let’s do a quick recap:

  • Instant Articles make load times faster when you share content
  • Facebook Lead Ads download customer data on CSV files you can upload to your email programs, CRM database, and autoresponders
  • Facebook Messenger Destination Ads lead customers to your chatbot to answer important questions
  • Video Ads engage visitors and collect customer information right inside videos

Want to know more about boosting up your networking marketing business in 2018?

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