Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

bulk email opt in

When designing the ideal email marketing list campaign, there are a few important things to remember, if you want to be successful.  One of the first things to think about is that you want your initial offering to your email list to be simple.  Avoid the use of too much jargon or technical information in that first message.  Later, you can segment your email list to account for the different needs and interest levels of your members, separating business and personal members, age groups, geographical regions, or any other designation that you should choose.

Communicate with your email list in a way that you would communicate as a person, try to forget that you are using a computer to deliver the communication, and “talk” to them clearly.  Write in the first person, rather than use overly proper forms.  Real people like to know that other real people are on the other end of an email offer.

Your call to action must be clear and simple.  Too much text, too many steps and too many choices will all be potential turnoffs for your email list members.  Make sure that they know exactly what to do and where to go to take advantage of your special offer.  If they have difficulty accessing your offer, they will more than likely move on to something else and not bother to show any additional interest in what you have to say.

Ask that the members of your email list forward the offer and share it with their family and friends.  Adding this social component to your email marketing campaign can make it even more effective.  Chances are, you will get more people to use the bulk email opt in because your initial recipients will forward it to those who they think might benefit or be interested in the offer—this is a terrific way to generate new email leads!  Add links to share on Facebook or tweet your offer to their friends and followers, and combine your social media campaign with your email marketing offers!


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