Closing Deals for Dummies: A Guide for Network Marketers

If you’ve survived as a network marketer after the initial dropoff period, statistics have shown you’ll be in it for the long haul. While the day to day operation gets easier over time, some people struggle with finding the right way to close a deal for years. Finding your rhythm for closing a network marketing deal is what will sustain you through any changes in the industry.

In fact, a network marketer who knows how to close could ostensibly sell any product. The skills you need for closing a deal are transferable to any product.

If you’ve built up your network and have lots of interest out there on the line, you need to find a way to close your deals without seeming pushy. To streamline your efforts, try following these 5 steps for closing your next network marketing deal.

1. Ask Specific Questions

Once you’ve built up a roster of good leads, you need to make sure you approach them confidently to close the deal. When you talk to clients about a product, you want everyone to be thinking positively. You need to direct the conversation always towards a positive spin.

That’s why asking an open-ended question like “What did you think?” is problematic. This gives them the opportunity to list grievances and critique the product negatively. And as we’ve all experienced, once you find one problem, it’s easy to find more.

Think about ways that you can change the conversation. Ask something like “How can you see this helping you out?” or “Where do you think you’d use this product: at home or at the office?”

This way you’re already pushing the client to imagine the product in their life. Asking them what they liked best could be another way to push the conversation in a positive direction.

If they seem pleased, ask follow-up questions about their positive comments. When clients are really happy and looking to close the network marketing deal, they’ll help guide you in the right direction.

2. Let Buyers Tell You If They Want It

Rather than trying to push a product your client might not want, you can find a way to ask them to explicitly tell you their interest in it. You can ask on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10. Most people will be somewhere in the middle.

But even if someone gives you a low number like 2, 3, or 4, that means they’re not an outright “no”. Knowing how much work you have to do if half the battle. If one of your clients seemed like they were a 9 but called themselves a 5, you can turn up your efforts.

Inversely, overselling someone who is already interested can be a turn-off. The sooner you know how interested your clients are, the sooner you can close this network marketing deal and get on with the champagne.

3. Be Realistic About Budgets

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make when they get involved with network marketing is viewing it was a “get rich quick” scheme. That doesn’t mean that this mistake isn’t wildly common.

What you’re doing when starting a network marketing company is starting a small business. The positives are that there’s low overhead, you can probably work from home, and most of the time the biggest investment you’ll need to make is in the product.

When you start working with someone, ask them how much money they hope to make. If they have a lucrative full-time job, this could be a little part-time pocket money for them. Find out how much they need to make per month to make it worth their time.

Don’t start telling your clients what kind of money they could make. Your only frame of reference is what you make, and likely you’re more knowledgeable and experienced than them. Listen to what they want and what’s realistic for them.

Part of closing a network marketing deal is knowing what works for your clients on their own terms.

4. Talk About Time Commitments

Once you have their monthly number, ask them how much time they want to commit to making that goal happen. If they’re looking to make $500 an hour, that might not be possible from day one.

Keep your own figures in the back of your head. Again, giving them as an example would be a falsity because of your years of experience ahead of you.

Knowing what your clients are willing to do will give you an idea of what’s possible, as your success is reliant on them.

Then start talking about how many months they would be able to sustain that kind of work. Do they plan on taking a summer vacation? Will they be out of town for the holidays?

Be sure that they, like you, are in it for the long haul, as that’s how you build a successful network marketing practice. Try to direct them to a goal that you think is possible

5. Talk About What You Would Do

This is where you make a commitment to them. Start by tying all the questions together.

Tell them that you want to help them develop that given income over a certain amount hours a week, after a certain number of months. Ask them how soon they could get started on working toward that goal.

Here is where you will learn about what their other commitments are. But once you start talking about the reality of these numbers, they might become excited and want to start today.

Part of your responsibility is to facilitate the success of the people you work with. Tell them the first steps and how they can begin reaching their goals. Then you’ve closed your network marketing deal.

Closing A Network Marketing Deal Is About Listening

If you want to close more deals, follow the 70-30 rule of listening. While you may have to do some presentation up front, your goal should be to ask follow-up questions to get people to talk about themselves and their goals. There’s no subject people like to talk about more than themselves.

If you’re ready to start closing more deals today, contact us for more information.

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