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Making Sure Your Email Marketing Campaign is Successful

Now that you have done the preliminary research to determine whether or not a market truly exists for your products and services, it is time to develop your email marketing list campaign, and start to see the profits roll in.  … Read More.

Personalize Your Bulk Email Opt In For Best Results

Getting people to sign up for your email list is one of the tricky things about email marketing, and every home based business opportunity seeker has different ideas about how to get this part of the job done.  Building up … Read More.

Engaging Your Email Leads

Engaging a customer through an email campaign often takes a complicated series of events, each event occurring at the proper time and in the right order.  Each email lead that you are contacting might be looking for something different, and … Read More.

Spread the Word About Your Email List

Visitors arriving at your site need to know what they can reasonably expect from you.  When they first get there, you want them to be initially met with a professional, polished site, one that is easy to navigate and pleasing … Read More.

Email List Marketing: Should You Buy or Rent a List?

Email marketing list campaigns require that you have a solid and full email address database to work from.  There is a great deal of discussion around the topic of buying or renting a list.  Those home based business opportunity seekers … Read More.

Having Realistic Expectations with Email List Marketing

Have you heard that you cannot get rich quick with email list marketing?  Well, it is true.  But, although you cannot necessarily become a millionaire overnight (yes, you will read accounts of this occasionally, but there is usually more to … Read More.

Getting Feedback From Your Email Marketing List

Anytime that a customer places an order online, you should make an attempt to get feedback about the process.  When your customer places the order, they will most likely be giving you their email address, which you should have asked … Read More.

Are There Still Benefits to Direct Mail Over Email Marketing Lists?

There will probably always be a great debate when it comes to email marketing lists versus direct mail, regarding which of these strategies will work best to connect with a target audience and get their attention.  Both are well known … Read More.

Get Network Marketing Email Leads Without Cold Calling

Face it, cold calling is (or at least should be) a dead technique when it comes to prospecting for leads.  You can do much better while searching for network marketing email leads with other techniques.  One of the problems with … Read More.

Tools for Online Prospecting for Daily Leads

The Internet has opened many doors for home based business opportunity seekers, allowing those who never dreamed of running their own business the freedom to succeed. Network marketing has exploded, and those who are learning how to cultivate daily leads … Read More.