Ask Your Email Marketing List Their Opinion

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Anyone trying to make money using an email marketing list is going to be constantly trying to communicate effectively with the members of the e mailing list, and find ways to engage with them.  One way that you can increase the communication between your company and the members of your email marketing list or email address database is to occasionally solicit their opinion.  You will be amazed to discover how easy it is to engage people when you ask their opinion, everyone seems to have one about everything.

So, you might be wondering just what you could inquire about?  Here are a few tips for engaging customers by asking for their opinion:

    1. Ask the members “How are we doing?”  This allows them to opportunity to convey their general opinions about your company.  This information will not only help to open the lines of communication and provide an opportunity to build trust and familiarity, but it will also provide you with tons of insight into what the general opinions about your company might actually be.  You can use this information to tailor the information that you send to your e mailing list, and help you to be more successful.
    2. Develop a short quiz and send it to your email marketing list.  When you get the responses from your members, you can find out a lot about them and this will often help you to tailor your campaign to meet their specific needs.  When you are meeting their needs, they will be more satisfied and be more inclined to not only continue to do business with you but also to refer others to you, thereby building your e mailing list even more.  Some creative email marketing folks can even develop a quiz that helps a consumer decide which of their products would be best for their needs!  At the completion of the quiz, they get a link directly to the perfect products.  Talk about customized shopping!
    3. Express to your email marketing list that you are waiting to hear from them.  “We Are Waiting for Your Call!”  can often compel some people to respond more quickly.  A phone call is often a more personal way to make a connection, and this can be a great way to build you your e mailing list, too.  When callers contact you, you would always ask them to join your e mailing list.

Connecting with the members of your email marketing list can often help to boost your conversions.  Make it personal, and ask for opinions, and you will find that your customers respond in a very positive way.

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