5 Tips for Creating a Fun Network Marketing Event

Networking events are some of the most critical strategies for securing new business.

Face-to-face communication is supremely useful when it comes to engaging future customers and establishing relationships. A network marketing event gives you the opportunity to interface with future clients and make them feel valued.

If you’re setting up your network marketing event, you’ll want to hold the attention of prospective clients. You need to create an engaging, fun environment that will make business owners want to stay and interact with some of the other attendees.

Ahead, we’ll give you some tips for creating the best marketing event you can.

Picking the Best Date

The first step you’ll want to take in planning a network marketing event is to choose a date. This may seem simple, but you’ll have to work around other events in the same space. If you want to attract a bigger crowd, you won’t want any competing events drawing influential attention away.

Take a look at other networking events that may attract a similar audience. Before setting a date and sending out invites, try to pick where people are most likely to come. Summer months are usually bad news because of vacations, and scheduling an event near holidays is a recipe for a low turnout.

Picking a date for a strong turnout is the best way to make sure you get the most out of an event.

Theme Your Event

Make your event fun and engaging by adding a theme. Choose a universal theme “80’s Business,” that influences pleasure over work. The more enjoyable your event appears the better chance people will show up.

Getting people to dress in costume or bring props will bring their guard down. They’re more open to your sales pitch when they’re in a good state of mind, and will probably remember the quirky event you threw when looking for your product or service.

Make sure the theme is easy to navigate around and universally loved. You don’t want to make waves with an “edgy” theme for a marketing event. If you do, you risk offending potential customers and losing future business. Make it family friendly, but encourage creativity in those who attend. Themes are a great way to get people excited about upcoming events.

Smaller is Sometimes Better

While it’s sometimes beneficial to cast a large net, there’s also some data that suggests smaller meetings are the best way to attract new customers. 97% of people prefer meetings of ten or fewer people when it comes to business.

Additionally, smaller groups will allow you to spend more time with valuable leads than massive network marketing events will. You’ll give your future clients your full attention rather than trying to plant seeds all around the event. Focus your efforts, and they’ll pay dividends in the long run.

If your business is still small, you probably don’t have the resources to host a large marketing convention. Getting people to recognize your business is great, but you still need to navigate the structure of the event. Start small, and you can always throw a bigger event as your business grows.

Spend money strategically and don’t waste resources attracting a crowd that won’t turn into future clients. Focus your invite list, and don’t extend yourself in the hopes of future profits.

Food Spread

Food is the backbone of any event, and the same is true for network marketing. Create the best variety of food you can afford, and make sure there are enough options to cover everyone’s dietary needs. Vegetarians and vegans are more plentiful than ever so make sure there are some delicious options for them.

Although you should focus on tasty foods, healthy options are often hard to find at a network marketing event. Loading-up on carbs might be attractive, but there will certainly be some health-conscious people in the crowd. Healthy food gives people more energy as well, which will make them more likely to stay through the entirety of your event.

Get some great food, but make sure there’s enough of a variety to fuel everyone’s needs.

Make Your Brand Stand Out

If you’re spending a large budget on your event, you’ll want your business to be front and center. If your event attracts a crowd, it’s easy for the primary brand in the event to get lost in the shuffle.

When you’re setting up the network marketing event, make your brands pop through loud colors and big graphics. Don’t let anybody have a question as to who is hosting the event. Be liberal with your business cards, and hand out gift bags so you know your potential clients will bring something home with them.

Gift bags or baskets are an easy way to make your business resonate with potential customers and clients. They don’t cost too much, and giving clients a piece of your business to bring home with them gives you a better shot at obtaining their business in the long run.

Large marketing events often make it hard to give face-to-face time with important leads. Make your brand stand out, and give them something that they can use on a daily basis.

Planning the Best Network Marketing Event

A network marketing event is a fantastic way to grow your business. Small and large businesses alike can benefit from attracting new clients that otherwise might never have heard of them.

Face-to-face communication is extremely valuable, especially in the digital age. These events will help you interface with other business owners and give them the personal touch that is sometimes lacking.

Follow these tips to create the most fun and useful event for your future clients. These events will result in more recognition for your company, which almost always translates into greater profits. Don’t overextend yourself, but make your event fun to attract as much traffic as you can handle.

Above all, take advantage of the leads you secure at your event. A good event is nothing if you fail to follow up on the leads it provided.

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