Who Makes an Ideal Network Marketing Lead?

What would you say the most difficult aspect of being a network marketer is? Many find that the process of simply getting more prospects into your inbox is the hardest challenge.

But the simple truth is there are enough customers out there for you. Plenty of network marketers are proving it, with the industry bringing in $114 billion worldwide.

What you need to learn is exactly what makes an ideal network marketing lead. Once you can identify what makes your lead, you’ll soon be capturing more leads than ever and converting them into customers.

In this article, we will take you through the process of identifying what makes an ideal network marketing lead.


Debunking a Network Marketing Myth

Leads are so important in any business. A network marketing lead is no different. Of all the different network marketing strategies you’ll hear of, one thing you may hear as a brand new network marketer is to start with a list of 100 people you know.

This is your warm market; but here’s the problem. These potential leads may be warm to you, but are they warm to your ideas?

Probably not.

This is a bad place to start for a number of reasons, but the concept of a warm market is a good piece of advice. Except you’re not looking for people who are warm to you, you’re looking for people who are warm to the idea of network marketing.

How to Identify a Great Network Marketing Lead

A great network marketing lead shouldn’t be difficult to spot, all you need to do is understand what makes a great lead. 66% of marketers have seen huge lead generation benefits with social media when spending as little as six hours a week working on social.

First, you need to understand who is and who isn’t a lead.

Who Is & Who Isn’t a Network Marketing Lead

What you need to understand before you start is who are leads and who aren’t. It’s no good chasing down and trying to convince your buddy from your local soccer team to sign up when he really doesn’t want to.

Who Isn’t a Lead

Somebody who you know personally and will set time aside to listen to your idea might sound like the ideal person to approach with your great new business ideas. But in reality, they probably are just giving you the time because they know you, like you or value you.

Often when you pitch your network marketing lead as a friend, you’ll feel awkward or bad for doing so. What you need to do is pitch your ideas to people who are genuinely interested.

Otherwise, you’ll feel like you’re hounding your friends or colleagues, and you don’t want that.

Who Is a Lead

The type of prospects you want to try and attract and focus on are people who are looking for an opportunity close to what you offer. How do you find these types of people?

By looking for them. Go to online communities, research and find Facebook groups, use online ad’s.

What you are looking for is people who have a genuine interest in a solution like you are offering.

Three Questions To Ask Yourself

When you are trying to identify a network marketing lead here are three fundamental questions you should look to ask yourself:

  1. Who is going to be the person most likely to buy your product, service or business plan? You should look at what you are selling and identify who really needs it. Do you sell glossy printer paper? Who buys that kind of paper? Every type of marketing starts off by identifying who your target market is.
  2. Where can you find your target market? You may have heard advice from past MLM pros. The advice was always to talk to every single individual in a 3-foot radius or place classified ads.2018 is a very different time for marketing. You’ll find those techniques may still work, but you’re in a much better position in 2018 to go directly to the source.

    If you sell yoga products, talking to people taking a yoga class or writing for a fitness blog will be a much better way to find leads.

  3. How do you capture the interest of your market? What you want to remember when speaking to people, is that it isn’t about you, or your product. It’s about them, and how your product can help them resolve a problem.You can do this by building a relationship with your prospect, finding out information, offering advice, and understanding their goals and wants before you try to provide a solution.

Building Relationships Not Customers

Here’s the challenge that most people face. When they try to find their leads, they attempt to draw their leads in by gushing about their product or offer upfront.

They then feel stupid or uncomfortable as the person makes it clear that the discussion was out of context or not relevant. Pushing your agenda so obviously won’t make you many friends, or gain you many leads.

Instead, the biggest step to understanding what makes an ideal network marketing lead is to understand your prospect. You do this by having a conversation.

The professionals in MLM don’t go out and pitch every single person they meet, they find key players, who have an interest in what they are offering. They then build relationships with these individuals, provide them value, and only then do they discuss what they are offering.

Be The Last to Speak

One of the best ways to learn how to approach this kind of conversations is teaching and training yourself to be the last to speak. In conversations try not to let someone you’re talking to understand your opinion on a matter.

Don’t nod your head, don’t shake your head. Don’t agree or disagree. Ask questions to gain a better understanding of what you are talking about.

Once everyone in the group has had the chance to speak only then offer your opinion. This allows you to:

  1. Give everyone the chance to have their opinion heard, making them all feel valued.
  2. Before you discuss or show your opinion or pitch your products, you’ve had a chance to listen to what everyone else’s thoughts are on a topic.

By being the last to speak, you’ll get all the information upfront, and make people feel valued at the same time.

Time to Identify the Very Best Marketing Leads For You

Now that you a better understanding of what makes an ideal network marketing lead it’s time to put what you know into practice.

If you’d like more help and support on how to generate new rockstar prospects, get in touch today.

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