What to Include in Your Email Marketing Content

email marketing

Developing tons of creative and informative content for your email marketing campaign can sap a lot of energy, even from the most industrious email marketers.  It takes some careful planning and preparation, and you have to be quite organized in order to put something together on a regular basis that works.  Here are a few ideas that may help you continue to generate new ideas that will lead to great results:

  1. Plan out your email marketing campaign for at least 6 weeks.  Always have something ready.  The most successful email marketers know what they are sending for most of the year before the year begins!  If you think that you are going to be able to develop new promotions and campaigns on a weekly basis, then prepare to spend tons of time doing it.
  2. Be flexible.  When you are following the email marketing campaigns of others, you are inevitably going to come across things that are too similar to yours.  When this happens, don’t look like a copycat, just be flexible and use something that you planned for later.  You can always return to your previous idea at another time.
  3. Email marketing is intended to ramp up your sales.  Try to align your programs, promotions and campaigns with seasons, holidays or other events that make them timely.  This makes it more likely that people will pay attention.  Also, this means you should be paying close attention to your yearly trends, because if you know how things went last year, it can help you plan better for this year.
  4. Know what works best.  Discount offers, coupon codes and free shipping are always big hits, and nearly every time you use these incentives you will see a higher open rate and higher click rates.  Take advantage of that!  Allow customers to share and forward coupons and discounts, too, this is a great way to generate new leads.

Planning is a big part of success when it comes to email marketing.  Make sure you have a plan, and that you stick to it, for best results with your email marketing campaign.

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