What Not to Do When Building Your MLM Downline

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There is plenty of talk about how you can generate MLM leads and build a strong MLM downline. But, there is less talk about what NOT to do, some of the things that might not be ethical, or perhaps just be extremely unproductive. Your time is worth money, and your return on investment should include calculations of the time that you invest in your company and building your MLM downline, not just the actual dollars that you might spend trying to generate leads or get a great email list built up.

Avoiding Black Hat SEO

Using the right SEO tactics is only one part of building your internet business, but it certainly is a very important one, if you want to be successful. Whether you are involved with traditional internet marketing or more of a multi level marketing campaign, search engine optimization is going to be important. With that said, you should know by now that there are certain things that you could do, even inadvertently, that could lead to penalties. In the world of hockey, a penalty may only take you out of the game for a few minutes, in the world of internet marketing, a penalty could sideline your business for weeks or months, or worse, put you completely out of business.

Ask Plenty of Questions and Check the Answers

Avoid working with any SEO companies that are not able to prove that they are using only ethical, “white hat” SEO tactics to promote your company and do the advertising online that you need to get the traffic to build your MLM downline and generate MLM leads. If there is a question in your mind about whether or not something is ethical when it comes to SEO, make sure that you not only ask the question, but ensure that the answer is adequate and accurate. Don’t be one of the poor souls who has been duped by a black hat SEO company, educate yourself and associate yourself with the right professionals if you want to get ahead.

Avoid Empty Promises

Avoid working with any SEO companies that are making promises of a first place ranking in only a short period of time. Nobody can guarantee this, and those who do are often the ones that are using the unsavory techniques that we are talking about here. Empty promises are a quick way to get penalized when it comes to your MLM downline or internet marketing business.

Avoid Trying to Pull a Fast One

The search engines, Google in particular, absolutely hate those internet marketers and MLM downline developers who are trying to get a short cut to the top of the rankings. They basically view this as cheating, cutting in line, or whatever other analogy you would like to use to explain that it is the wrong way to go about finding a great search engine placement and finding solid MLM leads. This includes link farms, sketchy directories, keyword stuffing, bad metatags and descriptions, etc. Each of these techniques is generally intended to “trick” the search engines into getting a higher ranking.

Never try to slip in keywords that might be highly searched for but have nothing to do with your company. This is truly considered to be a way of misrepresenting your company, and is highly frowned upon. The search engines will pick up on this, and regardless of whether they find them in your articles, your landing pages, or your content, you will end up being penalized, which is not what any MLM downline developer wants or what any internet marketing specialist needs. Again, any penalty that you incur will set you back a lot farther than you really think, and recovery is very difficult, if not impossible, without some high quality expert help from a reputable SEO company.

Stay on topic with your site, and stay with things that are related, at least loosely, to your niche or industry. If you try to include extras that you think will simply draw traffic, but not true MLM leads or other actual leads, then you will end up being detected as a fraud, and not only will you not be getting the MLM leads that you want for your multi level marketing business, you will end up falling in the rankings quickly.

What Happens When You Avoid the Bad Stuff

Finding your way to the top, using ethical and high quality methods, is going to pay off over and over again. Working with a reputable SEO company is going to get you better results. Be prepared to have plenty of patience, because the best search engine optimization, and the best MLM leads, are developed over time, not overnight. Improving your online presence, and establishing yourself as a reputable online entrepreneur is going to help you as you are looking for more leads, and looking to establish yourself as a true MLM downline developer who can demonstrate success and longevity.

Although it might be tempting to cut corners and get ahead of the competition quickly, you will be sorely disappointed when the competition pulls ahead of you because they have been the patient ones who have used reputable, respectable and ethical means to generate their leads, and then those leads continue to generate more. People, like the search engines, do not like to be fooled, and they will not be pleased when they find out that they have been tricked into joining up with something that looked like it was way better than it turns out to be. Nobody likes to find out that something that sounds great is really too good to be true. When trying to build your MLM downline or generate MLM leads, you want to make sure that you are honest, forthcoming, and respectable at all times. In the internet world, you have to rely heavily on your reputation, so building a good one and maintaining it is critical to your success with any online money making endeavor that you should choose.

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