What Do Top Network Marketers Have in Common?

You finally did it! You pulled the plug on your 9-5 and you’re ready to dive into the network marketing world. As much as this is a time to celebrate, it’s also a time to hit the ground running and get to work.

You should already have some experience in network marketing before making it your full-time commitment. This means you need to know the products you’re selling inside and out, have a team going, and be in regular contact with your mentor.

If you don’t have a mentor yet, that’s okay for now. You can look towards the successes and lessons of top network marketers as inspiration. The more you get to know these people’s stories, the more you start to see patterns on the road to network marketing success.

Here’s a closer look at top network marketers and what each of them did to get where they are now.

Who Are the Top Network Marketers?

Earning millions in yearly income and creating a thriving business doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of hard work and small, daily habits that add up over time. This may not seem like much at first, but at a certain point, a little bit of earnings here and there turn into big successes.

Just ask people like Nathan Ricks, Lisa Grossmann, and Hayley Hobson. Or maybe talk to other top network marketers like Dan McCormick and Dustin Briley.

Admittedly, these busy MLM stars may not be easy to reach directly. But, there’s something to be learned from each of their stories. Check out the details below.

1. Nathan Ricks

Nathan Ricks has been a well-known, top-level network marketing professional since 1989! In these almost 30 years of business, he’s worked with partners in over 40 countries.

Nathan then took his network marketing successes and began investing in real estate and other passions. This goes to show network marketing isn’t always about making sales and working for another company – it can be used as fuel to drive your own business ideas.

2. Dan McCormick

Dan McCormick has also been working in network marketing for about 30 years. But, one of the first lessons he realized in this business is the value of having a purpose. All successes stem from your reason for doing network marketing in the first place.

The more you align your business model with what you’re passionate about, the more driven and successful you’ll be. Having purpose isn’t just a foundation for reaching financial goals, either. Dan has written a whole book on how to be happy and fulfilled in all areas of life.

3. Lisa Grossmann

Lisa Grossman has become a top network marketer thanks to one simple principle: show up.

In other words, you’ve got to put in the work to reap the rewards network marketing offers. No one else is going to do it for you, and you can’t just decide to work hard every once in a while. The secret is to show up every single day.

Set a routine and stick to it. Establish clear, tangible goals, then take them one step further. Push through rejections and challenges and personal obstacles, and you can pretty much guarantee your success is coming. It arrived for Lisa (in the form of millions), after all.

4. Hayley Hobson

In just over two years, Hayley Hobson became a force to be reconned with in network marketing. She reached Double Blue Diamond level in her company at 26 months – a sign that anything really is possible when you put your mind to it.

Now, Hayley speaks at events and does multiple interviews to spread her knowledge. If there’s one thing to learn from her, it’s that network marketing isn’t just about getting to the top – it’s about sharing your wealth and knowledge with others.

5. Dustin Briley

Dustin Briley is no stranger to network marketing success, mostly because he’s not afraid to think outside the box.

He’s passionate about making a business as effective and productive as possible with the help of technology. Briley has even developed many network marketing systems to help others do the same.

The takeaway? Sometimes, your success isn’t dependent on working harder, it’s a matter of working smarter. Speaking of working smarter, although each person on the list has a unique story, there are some things all top network marketers do.

The following are a handful of lessons available to new network marketers, based on common habits every successful MLM star does.

What Can You Learn from Them?

At the end of the day, no two people’s journey to the top looks the same. Everyone has their own struggles, motivators, and, yes, excuses. But, there are basic concepts of network marketing that make success more attainable, no matter who you are.

Here are some of those concepts.

The Value of Discipline and Planning

You won’t ever get to where you want to be unless you have a clear definition of the end-goal. What do you really want to do with network marketing?

Maybe you want to build the biggest team your company has seen yet. Maybe you’d like to finally pay off your student loans or buy your first house. Maybe your network marketing earnings can develop an entirely new business.

Whatever your big dreams are, choose one and focus on it. Make it the driver behind everything you do. Then, set small, more attainable goals to go from where you are now to where you ultimately want to be.

These hold you accountable. Small goals become the reason you get out of bed every day and come up with ways to use your time well. The closer you get to reaching each milestone, the more attainable other opportunities become.

There will be times you want to give up or just take a break. That’s where the discipline comes in. Push yourself just a little further each day to see how far you can really go.

How to Make Strong, Genuine Connections

Good discipline comes down to how well you communicate with yourself. Building a strong team is about establishing strong communication systems with others.

Remember, not any of the top network marketers became successful on their own. They all had to work hard in partnership with others. They had to structure their daily routines and goals to be not just in line with personal goals, but with team objectives, too.

Work on your soft skills to help yourself and your team. Try to be a better listener, and be genuine in the words you say and how you act.

Such small changes to your behavior result in significant accomplishments. They make it easier for people to trust you and buy into the work you’re doing. As time goes on, this builds a much stronger, unified team than you can ever imagine.

How to Lead Others

Keep in mind the strength of your team isn’t just measured in numbers. Look at all the top network marketers – they each do something to share their experiences with the MLM community.

This is because they’ve come to understand the value of good leadership, and with success, comes the responsibility to be a leader to others. How can you be a better leader right now?

It might time to book more one on ones in your schedule or to touch base with team members on their personal goals. Maybe you need to gather feedback from your team or host an event to gather everyone together and ensure you’re all on the same page.

How to Bounce Back from Failure

Here’s a lesson all top network marketers had to learn the hard way: failure. At some point, you’re going to strike out, too. But, you can look towards the highs and lows of those who have gone before you for insight.

The people who got to the top are the people who kept going. It’s as simple as that. Some may have succeeded faster than others, and some may have a longer track record of success. Still, all of them began in a place much similar to where you are – they just never looked back, regardless of the obstacles that got in their way.

How to Take Your Business to the Top

It’s one thing to push through adversity and another to fall into the trap of comfort. True top network marketers are always looking for ways to improve their business, which in turn adds value to the successes of others around them.

Do a self-assessment on your own team. Think about how you structure your day, the network marketing tools you use, and the way in which you generate leads and create new business opportunities. What can you do better?

This is a question all top network marketers ask themselves. Success is something they re-define all the time in order to reach new limits, then set the bar even higher. Make this a habit of your own, and watch how your business transforms.

The Mistakes Every Network Marketer Has Made

Just as you can learn from the big successes and the massive mess-ups of top network marketers, you can use their knowledge to avoid common small mistakes, too.

There are certain assumptions many people make when they start network marketing. Some think it will be much easier than it actually is, others treat every single person they know and meet as a prospect. It simply doesn’t work that way.

For more insights, check out these common network marketing mistakes.

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