What Content Do You Need for Your Squeeze Page?

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Certain kinds of information are necessary in order for your squeeze page to be effective.  Outsourcing the development of content is often the primary choice for home based business opportunity seekers, because getting it just right is important.

Here are some examples of the content that must be included on your squeeze page for best results:

  1. Great headline:  You must have a great headline for your squeeze page.  Placing this at the top, in an eye catching font.  This can often be exactly what it takes to get the attention of the visitor.
  2. Ask the right questions:  Be sure that you ask some questions on your squeeze page.  Make the questions ones that your readers may be asking themselves, or ones that directly correlate to the problems that you are offering to solve for them.  “Have you been struggling to lose belly fat?” or “Are you curious about how much you can save with the low mortgage refinance rates available?”  The right questions can lead to quick engagement and make the customer very interested in your offer.
  3. Benefits and Features:  As a home based business opportunity seeker, you must clearly outline the benefits and features that your products and services can offer to your customers.  They should easily be able to determine how much your products can help change their lives.  Bullet points work well in this situation.
  4. Clear call to action:  This is a feature that is often repeated over and over again, because it is the most important part of your squeeze page.  As a home based business opportunity seeker, you are relying on the customer taking advantage of your offer.  Without a clear call to action, this is not going to be very effective.

Your squeeze page should be so enticing to the members of your email list that there is no question in their mind that they need your products and services.  Take the time to develop a great one.

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