Viral Content for Your Email Marketing List?

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Is it possible to create viral content for your email marketing list?  Viral content may sound like a problem, but it has nothing to do with the “bad” viruses that you may be familiar with.  Instead, viral content is something everyone wants when it comes to using their email marketing list.  An email address database is built with one email address at a time.  It is not something that develops overnight.  Unless, of course, you can create some viral content.

Viral content is usually a video, report or other type of information that becomes so popular so quickly that it is said to spread like a virus.  When enough people become interested in the content, it begins to create such a stir that traffic to the site can even become overwhelming.  When your email marketing list starts to share information with their social sites, and the people viewing the information share it again, your email address database numbers can really start to explode.

Profits will go through the roof once you can create any kind of viral marketing tool.  Consider things that you can give away for free, like an eBook, report, video, newsletter or other product that you have created.  When the information is free, this is even better and it is more likely to spread around very quickly.

Any content that you create with the hopes of it going viral should definitely include a link to your site or your landing page.  You want people to find your content fascinating enough to share, and you want people to be directed immediately to your site.  This is where you will get them to join your email address database and they will, ideally, become part of your ever growing loyal following.

Entertaining information, controversial topics and trendy things are going to be the best options when it comes to attracting attention.  The goal is to attract as much attention as possible, and then be able to make your email marketing list even more valuable.  You will be better able to acquire affiliates and build up your network of contacts and followers when you have something intriguing to share with the world.  Get creative!

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