Using Social Media with Email Marketing Lists

network marketing email leads

For most Internet marketing professionals, using social media can only help to boost a campaign.  There are several ways in which you can incorporate social media into your campaign, and expose the members of your email marketing lists to the vast amounts of interaction you are getting from your highly successful social media strategy.  If you are tracking your social media campaign well (you are, aren’t you?), then you should have plenty of useful tidbits that can be sprinkled into your email communication.  When you use real comments and real social media examples, you can more effectively connect with the members of your network marketing email leads list and show them just how popular your brand is.

One way that you can use social media for your email marketing lists is to present testimonials or reviews in your email to them.  When you get positive feedback from customers, you should always make it a point to show it off to the world.  A little bragging is well-earned when a customer takes the time to praise you for your goods and services or your commitment to customer satisfaction.  Don’t just leave the good reviews on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, be sure to use the comments as reviews in every arena that you can.

Social media is so popular that virtually everyone is familiar with the formats.  People respond readily to anything on Facebook or Twitter, so when you can use this information again in your emails to your network marketing email lead list, you can double the effects and get even more exposure.  Email marketing lists contain the addresses of people who are interested in your niche or your company, so, of course they want to hear more about it—including what others think.  Social media is like the new peer pressure.  If someone sees a brand or product promoted on the page of a friend or follower, they are exponentially more likely to check out that product or company.

Promote your business in every way that you can, including using any mention of your company or products or brand that occurs in the social media world in your messages and communications with your email marketing lists.  They will be happy to hear from you, and happy to hear the reports of others, rather than just hearing you promoting your own products yourself.

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