Using Recurrent Email List Sprint Messages

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Automated sprints can be a useful tool for the home based business opportunity seeker who is looking to help streamline the communication process with their email address database.  Email sprints are automated messages that are sent during certain times.  For example, an automated sprint message may be used when someone signs up for your email list using a bulk email opt in, or when they make a purchase.

Recurrent email sprints are also used in certain situations very effectively.  If an email offer is sent to the members of your email list, you can keep track of who opens, who clicks through and who converts, using email marketing analytics.  This then helps to whittle down the list and you can retarget certain members when you feel that they might be ready for a repeat offer.  A recurrent sprint message can be set up for several days after the first message, reminding the recipient that there is still an offer on the table, and that they may have forgotten to take advantage of it, and that now is a good time to act.  Many companies use recurrent sprints that continue to offer sweeter and sweeter deals, often in the form of additional discounts, free shipping or other perk, that will entice someone who might have been “on the fence” for the first offer or two.

Once a customer takes action, one that you designate and could include opening a message, clicking through, downloading or making a purchase, then they would be taken off of the recurrent sprint message list, and not receive any more reminders that there is an offer.  They then could become part of an additional email list that offers secondary or related products, or additional items or services that they might be interested in.  The possibilities are endless with recurrent automated sprint messages, and you can design the email marketing campaign any way that works for your company.  Make automation work for you, and make your life as a home based business opportunity seeker a little bit easier.

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