Using Direct Mail to Help Your Email Marketing List Program

bulk email opt in

We’ve been talking about how to get the most out of your email marketing list program.  When you are looking for exposure for your brand and your offer, then you may want to help your search engine optimization efforts along by adding in both direct mail and email marketing lists to really get the exposure you need, as quickly as possible.

Using direct mail techniques along with email marketing list strategies can drive increased amounts of traffic to your site.  Often, a direct mailing can be a tangible reminder to your prospects to visit your site.  Upon their arrival there, they will find a landing page where, of course, they will be inspired to sign up for your email list using the bulk email opt in.  Then, they will become part of your email marketing list program and be able to receive all of your communications, and, ideally, become a converting, paying customer.  Direct mail has the advantage of being something that will sit on a counter until a potential customer takes a look, whereas an email can be deleted with one click, in a split second.

There is definitely still a place in the business world for direct mail.  Using postcards to supplement your email marketing list program can be very effective.  Integrating online and offline business activity is one of the best ways to hit multiple target audiences and build up a strong email marketing list.  When you use direct mail to send postcards that will direct recipients directly to your bulk email opt in, then you have essentially developed the perfect blend.  Be sure to include a quick “how did you find us?” question as part of the bulk email opt in, for purposes of measuring the success of your program.

It is highly recommended to add remarketing to your campaign.  This involves establishing your company with Google Adwords, so that once a visitor leaves your site, they will continue to see ads for your company.  Because not every visitor will join your email marketing list through the bulk email opt in on their first visit, this gives you the perfect opportunity to remain present to them and remind them you are out there, ready and willing to do business!

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