Top Tips for Cross Selling to Your Email Marketing List

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Would you like fries with that?  Being able to cross sell to your email marketing list requires a little bit of finesse.  Actually, it requires a lot of finesse.  You want to impress your customers and keep them loyal, but being too pushy can be irritating—and most customers can be very fickle.  There are multiple places and companies out there where they can find what they need, so be careful that you do not push them away.  You want to keep your email marketing database strong and healthy, and filled with excellent email leads.  Here are a few tips to accomplish that goal:

  1. Engage with customers who you already know are loyal.  This means that you want to start out with customers who have already purchased goods and services, and are returning again.  If they are returning, then they are likely to be loyal and satisfied members of your email marketing list, so now is the time to try for a cross sell of a different product, or an upsell of a higher quality or larger package.
  2. Collect data regarding the spending habits of those people who are on your email leads list.  Keep track of how often they make a purchase.  Offer short surveys about what is most important to them, these things may include pricing, options, shipping, customer service or other factors that keep these people on your email marketing list.  Track page views and site clicks, and you will ultimately end up with a great deal of data that, when properly analyzed, can provide incredible insight into the minds of your customers.  For example, if you are selling work boots, then keeping track of the spending habits of your customers may allow you to sell socks and gloves to those customers making boot purchases.
  3. Use data tracking software to keep on top of the habits of your email marketing list.  You do not need to follow each lead individually, all by yourself.  There are many free programs available to help with this task, and you should take advantage of their time saving benefits.

Start simple when you are aiming for the upsell or cross sell.  Even if you only have a few products, these strategies can be helpful, and every little bit helps when you are trying to make money from your email marketing list.  Email leads are important, but what you do with them is even more so!

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