The Top Network Marketing Companies: Tips You Can Use

Success is never an accident. That’s why the top network marketing companies in the world share a number of common characteristics.

Their success comes from their culture — not necessarily their product. They have learned a number of lessons from success and failures over the years.

What are some of these similarities that the top network marketing companies share? They are the same ones that mega-companies in every sector share.

Here’s what we can learn from them.

Be Your Brand

It’s not enough to simply represent your brand. You need to live it and exude it in every way. This can be a tricky mentality for people to throw the switch on. They think, “Well, I’m just one person.”

They have trouble transitioning thinking about themselves as an individual person into thinking about themselves as something much bigger.

The top networking companies know that products don’t drive their success, the people do. So it’s up to the upper levels to exude the brand every single day, and let their passion do a lot of the selling.

This is what drives recruitment. People want to work with other people who excite them and inspire them. More people would rather work for an inspiring person and a solid product, versus an incredible product sold by an average person.

Products wear the logo, but people build the brands.

Choose a Product You’re Passionate About

This is also a crucial decision.

The top network marketing companies out there recruit people who are passionate about the product or service they are selling. You have to be more than a salesperson. You have to be a spokesperson.

The customer has to sense your passion and know that you believe in the product.

This is still a very people-driven marketplace, and one person’s demonstrative passion can make or break a purchase decision.

Find Your Target Audience and Lock In

This is one of the oldest lessons from the world of sales and marketing: Don’t waste your time selling to people who will never be interested.

As great as your product may be, it’s not going to appeal to everyone. But there is a definite subsector of people who need what you’re offering. That’s your target market. Find them, and focus on them.

Your product or service may appeal to more than one target market. Which is great! It’s always a good move to identify different buyer personas, and market or sell to each one in unique ways.

Different buyers have different buying habits. Some may live online, while others will respond to more traditional and analog sales tactics.

Choose a Product with a Good Demand

This is a hard fact that the top network marketing companies will learn: just because you’re passionate about a product doesn’t mean everybody else will be.

If you’re having a tough time finding your target market, or you find you’re working too hard to sell, that could simply point to a lack of a demand for this product.

Do your research before you commit to selling something. It should excite you, but you should definitely see evidence that this product is exciting other people too.

Find a Mentor You Can Lean on

How is the company’s “Upline?” More specifically, how do the higher-ups at your company support people down the line?

You can read all of the statistics and training materials in the world, but there is still no substitute for good old-fashioned person-to-person mentorship.

You’re going to need an experienced brain to pick, particularly in the early days. You need somebody to share your celebrations and frustrations with.

A good mentor should always keep the lines of communication open, and freely share with you what has led to their success, as well as what they have learned from their real-world mistakes.

Don’t Create Orphans

They say when you reach the top, you should send the elevator back down to help somebody else.

This is a philosophy that all of the top network marketing companies share. And the people in this business who really succeed are the ones who become mentors themselves.

In this industry, people who are recruited and abandoned are called “Orphans.”

You need to be way more than a recruiter. You need to be the mentor that we described above.

Use the Web without Spamming People

The very best people and companies involved in network marketing know how to use the Internet to their advantage.

Here’s another hard fact: most Internet marketing out there in the world today is wasting everyone’s time.

Let’s take email marketing for example. In the wrong hands, email marketing is 100% spam. Most recipients hit “block” or “unsubscribe.”

However, in the right hands, email marketing actually holds a 4400% ROI and you can make $44 for every $1 spent!

It’s a remarkably good way to nurture sales leads and educate people who might not be quite ready to sign on just yet.

Don’t Sell, Educate

This is actually a secret shared by the most successful salespeople in any sector, anywhere in the world.

People hate to be sold things. They respond much better to being educated. Educate your buyers on why they need this product. Educate them on why other people love it. And finally, educate them on how easy it is to buy it.

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