Top 5 Ways to Crash Your Marketing Leads List

marketing leads list

Once you develop a strong marketing leads list and launch your email marketing campaign, you want to put the pedal to the metal and get straight to your goals. But, you have to take things in a methodical manner if you want to succeed. This post will discuss the ways in which too many home based business opportunity seekers crash their business before it truly has a real chance to get off the ground.

So, as you are putting together your online marketing campaign, remember these mistakes made by many before you—and stop yourself before you get into the same trouble that they did. Learning from the mistakes of others is one way to maximize efficiency and be able to develop the strongest email marketing list campaign that you can, as quickly as possible.

Mistake #1: Using Emails Without Permission

One of the biggest mistakes of those using email marketing lists is getting email addresses of people who do not specifically use your bulk email opt in or who do not specifically give you permission to contact them via email. Many people treat their email addresses as private information, and they usually do not want tons of offers or contacts from email marketers that they do not purposely become involved with. While you may incidentally be able to get a few new additions to your list this way, the risks are really too high, especially the risk of being labeled as a spammer, and your efforts may backfire in the long run. This is not a good way to develop relationships with potential customers and not a good way to develop a marketing leads list. Stick to those who you can lure to your list in an honest fashion if you want your brand to be well received.

Mistake #2: Not Honoring Unsubscribe Requests

Unfortunately, you will get occasional requests from marketing leads to unsubscribe to your list. While this is not what you hope for, it is critical that you promptly remove anyone who asks and not contact them further. When someone does request to be removed, you should respect that and take care of it. Treating the members of your marketing lead list with respect is a good way to get a good reputation. You may even be able to eventually get them back, perhaps through your social media efforts, or, if they are interested in your niche in general, they may end up on your page at a later date and choose to join your list.

Mistake #3: Misleading Subject Lines

Forget about trying to trick people into opening your email. This is a well known way to irritate the subscribers on your marketing leads list. If you put something like “Your Friend Recommends This Link” in the subject line, and this is not what the recipient finds when they open the message, you will find yourself probably receiving an unsubscribe request. Instead, create catchy and honest subject lines, ones that will compel the recipient to open the email because they really want to see what’s inside—and then deliver what you promise in the subject line. Remember, you are trying to establish a connection and a relationship with the recipients, not trick them into opening your messages. Don’t think that getting a high open rate by misleading them will give you good results. People want, and expect, relevance.

Mistake #4: Bombarding the Recipients of Your Marketing Leads List

When it comes to email marketing, more is not always better. Just because you contact your marketing leads list every day will not make you a successful email marketing professional. It will make you an annoyance to the recipients. Consider the timing and the relevance, and make sure that you are not overdoing it. Typically, more than a weekly email is going to be too much. People simply do not have time to open marketing emails all day every day, and you have to realize that your messages are definitely not the only ones they are getting. Well timed email marketing messages are going to be more well received, and be more interesting to the recipients because it won’t quickly become old news, or the same old thing day in and day out.

Mistake #5: Being Too Pushy

When all you send is sales pitches to your marketing leads list, you will find that they tire of it. You have to add some diversity to your email marketing list campaign. Consider offering a series of helpful tips, or videos or infographics. Send messages with offers for free downloads or other incentives occasionally. Eventually, when the recipient is in the market for what you are offering, you will find that you have established a relationship that helps them to view you as reputable and as a marketer who is offering quality and service. Resist the urge to sell something every time you contact them.

Each of these points is something that every home based business opportunity seeker needs to consider when developing their marketing campaign. Unless you learn from the big mistakes that others have made, then you run the risk of wasting your own valuable time. and, when you waste the time of others, then they will not be as welcoming to your advances and you will find that it gets harder, not easier, to get good customers from your marketing leads list.

Email marketing does take time, just like any other kind of marketing venture. You have to be willing to wait, and patience is truly a virtue when it comes to this kind of business. Expecting overnight success will lead you to frustration, and forcing the issue with your marketing leads is not going to make your success come any quicker. Invest in the services of a professional marketing company if you are struggling with the details, including content, frequency or list development. Slow and steady wins the race in this kind of business, so stick to the plan and wait it out, if you want the long term success that awaits!

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